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  • AI Alliance Russia Certifies Four University-Level Educational Programs, Two by ITMO

    AI Alliance Russia, an association that includes the country’s top tech companies, has accredited four university-level educational programs. Two of the programs are developed and provided by ITMO University. Professional and public accreditation is a reliable way to identify the leaders in education and motivate Russian universities to train qualified specialists in the field of AI.


  • ITMO.OPEN: New Practices for Higher Education in Russia

    ITMO.OPEN: Educational Practices is a two-day offline event for employees of Russian universities who are looking for tools, ideas, and inspiration for the transformation of education. The participants will discuss trends in education and learn more about ITMO University’s approaches to the design of educational programs and standards.


  • ITMO Launches a New Master’s Program in Applied Genomics

    The program will train researchers and specialists in introducing genomics and bioinformatics into industry and healthcare. Over the course of the program, students will acquire sequencing methods and the methods used in genetic engineering, as well as programming and data analysis for genomes, transcriptomes, proteomes, and their combinations. The program will start at the basics, so there are no strict entry requirements for applicants. The program is offered in English. 


  • What’s Behind the Renewed Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Program

    The Robotics and Artificial Intelligence program (previously called Robotics) is aimed at training specialists working at the intersection of two fields. Read this article to learn why robotics is so important for AI and vice versa, and what sociologists and programmers are to do in this program.


  • GreenTech: ITMO University Launches a New Faculty

    ITMO University has recently introduced a new faculty – the Faculty of Energy and Ecotechnology – that will train future specialists in the field of sustainable energy and hydrogen technologies, as well as offer updated versions of educational programs in refrigeration, cryogenics, air conditioning, and ventilation.


  • Information Security: What It Is and Where to Study It

    What do banks, autonomous vehicles, power economy, hospitals and home PCs have in common? Right, they all can be hacked, and that is why each of these fields needs to be protected. At ITMO’s Faculty of Secure Information Technologies, Master’s students are trained to predict, pinpoint, and eliminate vulnerabilities in all kinds of computer and cyber-physical systems. Learn all about the faculty's programs in our new illustrated series! 


  • ITMO University’s Accelerator and MTS Launch an Online Program for 5G Developers

    ITMO University and MTS, one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies and a digital services provider,  are launching a new program for the 5G track. It’s meant for the residents of ITMO University’s Accelerator: for technological entrepreneurs who, after completing the program, can become MTS 5G Center’s residents in Moscow and receive a grant for the development of solutions in this field.


  • Force of Attraction: How to Promote Your Master’s Program and Attract Best Applicants

    What is the most efficient way to tell about a Master’s program to potential applicants? And what will help attract the best of them? These questions were at the center of the meeting “Force of attraction, or development strategy of an educational program”, which was organized for heads of educational programs by ITMO’s Master’s Programs Department in collaboration with the Strategic Communications Department as part of the ITMO.Expert project. Alyona Gupaisova, vice head of the Strategic Communications Department, Ksenia Kuzmina, head of the Master’s Programs Development Center, and Yuri Monahov, head of Master’s Admission Office, spoke about the tools for attracting applicants and things that one should consider when developing Master’s programs.


  • Experts Discuss Prospects and Challenges in Life Science Research at ITMO University

    Which education and research initiatives should be promoted in medicine, life sciences and health sciences? Which specialists do these fields need? And why are the competencies of sociologists and science communicators crucial for conducting high-quality research? These and other questions were in the center of the discussion at a business breakfast that was recently held at ITMO University. The meeting brought together representatives of ITMO, the European University at St. Petersburg, Higher School of Economics, as well as the Northwestern Federal District Association of Oncologists and Cancer Prevention Foundation.


  • Three ITMO University Professors Receive Government of St. Petersburg Award

    This December started with the announcement of the results of the Government of St. Petersburg Award Competition for academic staff. ITMO University lecturers Ekaterina Sokolova, Anastasia Pavlova and Alexander Vasiliev are among the winners. ITMO.NEWS attended the ceremony to ask the award-winning lecturers how they got into teaching, how to create a modern lecture course and what are the secrets of filing an award application.