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  • First in Russia: ITMO to Launch Interdisciplinary Program in Photonics

    ITMO’s new Master’s program in applied photonics brings together quantum technologies, art, optical materials science, femtotechnologies, and terahertz technologies. Find out more about it in this article.


  • Going Green: ITMO Launches Master’s Program in Decarbonization for the Energy Industry

    Decarbonization is a growing trend in the energy industry – all over the world, oil and gas companies are adopting technologies meant to curb their greenhouse emissions. In Russia, industry giants Gazprom and Lukoil have both launched decarbonization programs. However, as a nascent initiative, it still requires niche specialists, namely, engineers capable of operating the related equipment and designing recycling facilities. Starting this year, ITMO will train such specialists within its Master’s program Decarbonization Technologies for Fuel and Energy Industry. Read on to discover all you need to know about it.


  • The Benefits of ITMO’s Master’s Program in Artificial Intelligence

    The Russian IT industry is found lacking about 1 million specialists, with data scientists, machine learning specialists, and data analysts being in most demand. The good news is, these are the kind of specialists trained at ITMO’s Master’s program Artificial Intelligence. This online program offers industry-oriented practical training, in addition to a wide array of studying and career opportunities. 


  • New Master’s Program at ITMO: Design and Development of Big Data Systems

    This year, ITMO is launching Design and Development of Big Data Systems, a new Master’s program that will train students to work with distributed big data systems, develop machine learning models, and perform analytics. Graduates of the program will work as data engineers, data architects, machine learning engineers, or backend developers. We took a closer look at the new program.


  • Sustainable Chemistry For Energy Technologies: New Master’s Program With Gazprom Neft and Tatneft

    Students in the new program will learn about alternative energy sources, synthesize new materials, and develop cutting-edge technologies for the oil and gas industry. Implemented jointly with major oil producers Gazprom Neft and Tatneft, the new program will offer students the opportunity to work on the companies’ projects during their studies, as well as land positions in R&D departments of major enterprises upon graduation. ITMO.NEWS examines the benefits of the program.


  • ITMO Launches New Biotech Master’s Track With Geropharm

    A new educational track has been launched at ITMO’s Faculty of Biotechnologies in collaboration with GEROPHARM – one of the top three pharmaceutical companies in Russia’s Northwestern Federal District. The company’s R&D center has been responsible for developing the program’s curriculum, which includes classes that will be taught by GEROPHARM’s department heads. The track starts February 6. Keep reading to find out more about the new program and how it will benefit the students.


  • ITMO Launches Open-Source Mentorship Program

    ITMO’s Research Center “Strong AI in Industry” has launched an open-source mentorship program that will allow students to work at the university, helping research groups develop open-source frameworks and libraries. Read on to learn about the program’s perks.


  • New Head of Art & Science Master’s Program Olga Vad on New Media and Modern Issues

    Curator Olga Vad is well-known for her participation in large-scale art projects and events such as HYDRA: New Media Art in the Context of Eco-Anxiety, the Ural Industrial Biennial, and the Ars Electronica festival. Now, she has joined the ranks of ITMO staff and became the head of Russia’s first Master’s program in the field of Art & Science. She shared how education benefits artists and what perspectives lie ahead for art and technology enthusiasts.


  • Why Apply to Russia’s First Art & Science Program Taught in English

    ITMO’s Art & Science Master’s program taught in English was launched in 2018. It welcomes applicants with Bachelor’s degrees in any field, be that liberal arts, technologies, or natural sciences. In this story, we’ll share why programmers, engineers, chemists, physicists, and fashion designers enter the world of modern art and what kind of opportunities the program offers to them.


  • Education With a Business Flair: All About Product Design Master’s Program by ITMO and Netology

    This September marks the launch of Product Design, the new online Master’s program developed by ITMO University in collaboration with Netology, one of the major online educational platforms. Students of the program will learn to create a user-friendly digital product tailored to the client’s request. Learn more about ITMO’s collaboration with EdTech companies and the program’s contents in this article.