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  • Two ITMO Teams Win Web3 Games Hackathon

    Teams Nutcrackers and Valhalla games shared the first place at a recent Web3 games Hack contest, with the first team taking home $1,500 and the second – $500. Both teams will make their games available on TON Play, Telegram’s gaming platform.  


  • Study to Play: ITMO, VK and MIREA University Launch New Game Design Course

    Starting now, students from ITMO and MIREA – Russian Technological University are able to join a course developed in collaboration with the gaming platform VK Play. The new discipline will cover all the basics of game design: from the assessment of design solutions to the evaluation of performance reviews. Best-performing students will have the chance to join the team at VK Play. 


  • Think Like an AI: ITMO Students Create a Game Where You Guess Words Using Artificial Intelligence Logic

    According to the rules, the word changes every day. In its first week, the game was downloaded by 31,000 individual users, while the project’s Telegram channel gained two thousand new subscribers. Version 2.0, released just a couple of days ago, was played 10 thousand times in the 24 hours since launch. Why is the game so popular, what inspired its creation, and what type of feedback are they getting – we discussed all of this with Michil Egorov, a fourth-year Bachelor’s student at ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, team member at the Learning Analytics Center , and the game’s lead designer.


  • ITMO and VK: Main Takeaways From Major Study of Gamedev Educational Programs

    According to a recent study conducted by ITMO, VK Education, and VK Play, the number of all educational programs in gamedev increased by 45% in the last two years. Despite the growing interest in short online courses, full-scale university programs in the field have also been increasingly popular, with their number increasing by 25%. Read on to learn about other educational trends in gamedev.


  • Tread of Greed: ITMO Students Develop Roguelike Game

    Students and graduates of ITMO’s Game Development Technologies program developed Tread of Greed and presented it at the international business conference White Nights. It allows the gamers to hunt for treasures and look for safe paths in a floating city. We talked to the authors about their project and plans for the future.


  • Mischief Managed: ITMO Students Create a Harry Potter VR Game

    Every Potterhead dreams of one day stepping foot into Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, Hogsmeade, and other legendary locations from the Harry Potter universe. Now, you can explore the Burrow, the Weasley family home, and even join the mischiefs of the Weasley twins in a VR game created by Anastasia Tsitelova and Artur Dzyuba, students of ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems. 


  • ITMO’s Summer Courses for School Students: Programming, GameDev and Management

    Every year the ITMO.START educational platform for school students hosts summer courses at the university’s campuses. During the practice-oriented classes held by experienced lecturers, students have the opportunity to learn new skills, dabble in science and choose their future career paths. Here are the courses that will be running this August.


  • Play to Learn: How One ITMO Student Brings Russian Indigenous Cultures to the Public Through Video Games

    Konstantin Balagansky, a first-year Master’s student at ITMO, is working on a video game inspired by the Buryat version of the Epic of King Gesar. Unlike other games, it offers players not only multiple challenges to complete but also an opportunity to explore the culture of the indigenous people of Buryatia. ITMO.NEWS talked to Konstantin to learn more about his project and how video games can help build smart cities.


  • How ITMO’s Partnership With Sperasoft Moves the Game Industry Forward

    The international game development studio and ITMO University have maintained a partnership for several years now. But in 2021, their relationship advanced to the next level when Sperasoft became an official corporate partner of the Game Development Technologies Master’s program. Now, the company’s experts will take direct part in the creation of the program’s curriculum. We talked to Igor Smirnov, a senior engineering manager at Sperasoft, and Andrey Karsakov, the head of the Master’s program, about the new partnership and how ITMO students and graduates can apply for an internship at Sperasoft.


  • Gaming Scams: How to Stay Safe While Playing Online

    According to Microsoft, over three billion people on the planet play video games. Today, gaming is more than just a fun activity or a hobby, it is also an excellent way to start making money. Yet not all do that fair and square. Here are some tips and tricks on how to spot gaming scams and avoid them while playing online.