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  • Digital Happiness: Winning Solutions from Be ITMO Hackathon

    The recent Be ITMO hackathon brought together over 100 participants, who spent four days developing their prototypes of digital services that can help students get the most of their university life. Winners of the hackathon shared the 220,000 rubles prize fund and secured their chance of implementing their projects with the university’s tech teams. 


  • ITMO Student and Cardiologist Finds Way To Prevent Medical Errors

    With 10 years of experience in working at public clinics, cardiologist Lyubov Malyugina wishes to share her experience with others. But the path she chose to do that cannot be called conventional: the specialist decided to pursue her Master’s at ITMO and create her own product – a recommendation system that can help doctors prescribe medications to arrhythmia patients and reduce errors in a clinical setting. In her interview with ITMO.NEWS, Lyubov shares why she chose ITMO and how she plans to promote her idea.


  • Results of ITMO's 2030 Open Call for Projects Announced

    All six projects selected by the expert board will now enter development and receive funding from the Priority 2030 program, with the first progress review slated for June 2023. The open call for projects is being held as part of the university’s 2030 Development Strategy.


  • ITMO Student Experiences: Starting a Career in Video Production and Shooting Videos for Celebrities

    Having a passion for making videos since school, Iskander Garipov, a fourth-year student of the  Bachelor’s program Computer Technologies in Design, is proud to have a diverse portfolio full of short films, reports, ads, and even concert recordings (with Russian bands Три дня дождя and Шары). After he took part in online courses at Prostor, VK’s creative platform, he was asked to produce the music video Птичка (Bird – Ed.) for famous Russian rap performers HammAli & Navai, which reached 800,000 views in three weeks. In this article, Iskander Garipov speaks about how to get into the field and what hard and soft skills video makers need to have.


  • In the Palm of Your Hand: ITMO Students Develop Cheap Compact Keyboard for Different Devices

    Students of ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering have developed a prototype of a portable keyboard that is only 3 mm thick and provides haptic feedback. The new device is compatible with PCs, smartphones, and tablets, while its production cost amounted to less than 1,000 rubles. Learn more about the benefits of the new keyboard in this article.


  • ITMO PhD Student Creates Prosthetic Rehabilitation Aid for People With Motor Disorders

    Artem Meinov, a PhD student at the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, has developed a prosthetic training aid for people with motor disorders. The new device helps to strengthen elbow flexor muscles and, in contrast to its competitors, it’s portable and can be personalized. Artem has already presented his prototype at a national rehabilitation industry forum and is planning to start its mass production. ITMO.NEWS takes a closer look at the project.


  • Contractor Named for First Construction Phase of ITMO Highpark

    The tender for construction of the first phase of ITMO Highpark was awarded to the company PolitekhStroy. The works are planned to be completed in June 2025.


  • Top Projects of ITMO’s First FoodTech Accelerator

    In 2022, ITMO launched its first accelerator for foodtech projects, where participants learned to manage teams, choose the most appropriate markets for their products, and attract investments. Read on to learn more about the projects that went through to the final and were presented in front of experts.


  • Contractor Named for Second and Third Construction Phases of ITMO Highpark

    A tender for the execution of engineering works at ITMO Highpark went to the architectural bureau Studio 44, which expects to complete the design for the second and third stages by late 2023. 


  • ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School Awards 1.5 Million Ruble Grants to Interdisciplinary Teams’ Tech Projects

    Advanced engineering schools have been launched across the country in 2022 as part of a federal project. Its main goal is to train principal engineers who can assemble interdisciplinary teams and use data-driven approaches to integrate new products into partner companies’ processes. ITMO’s Advanced Engineering School is part of the effort. Recently, it has awarded grants of up to 1.5 million rubles to ten interdisciplinary teams made up of ITMO Master’s and PhD students. We spoke to some of the winners about their projects and future plans.