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  • “Students Contribute to the City” Contest: Winning Projects

    The “Students Contribute to the City” contest has recently taken place in St. Petersburg. The event’s participants develop projects on the order of the city’s administration; the results of their work are assessed by the contest committee headed by Vice-Governor Vladimir Kirillov. This year, students from more than ten universities presented their projects at the exhibition of the contest's best works; among the finalists were students of ITMO University.


  • ITMO Summerschool: Nanostructures, Experiments and Chemical engineering

    This June, ITMO summer schools for tenth graders offer an opportunity to create your own nanostructure, learn how to solve the most complicated problems and learn what chemical engineering is all about. The staff of the Faculty of Physics and Engineering and the Biochemistry cluster guide the students in mastering the material and working on their own projects. Today we will tell you how this summer school can lead to “real” science.


  • How Citizen Science Helps in “True” Research

    How can snapshots of the night sky develop science? Why are professional scientists always looking for birdwatchers and amateur naturalists? How can people without a degree discover planets and co-author research articles? Julia Lorke, a specialist in science communication, researcher at the London Museum of Natural History, gave answers to these and many more questions about citizen science in an open lecture at ITMO University, that was organized by the Science Communication Office.


  • ITMO Winter School Offers New Hackathon Format

    Can you bring physicists, programmers, and information security professionals to work as a single team and get them to come up with full-fledged projects in just a single week? The recent semi-hackathon which focused on addressing comprehensive problems, proposing viable products and coming up with valid merchandising strategies proved this possible. The hackathon involved more than a hundred students who came to ITMO University for the “It’s Your Call!” winter school which was organized in collaboration with Sberbank of Russia. Of the 18 participating teams, six made it into the finals, and the participants of the three winning teams won the right to enter Master’s and PhD programs at ITMO University without taking exams.