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  • Moscow Topography of Terror, Geography of Holocaust and Gulag Retrospective: Digital Humanities Projects That Remind of the Horrible Past

    The field of Digital Humanities is quite new in Russia, even though such research has been conducted in the West for a long time already. Nevertheless, projects at the intersection of computer and humanities are getting all the more popular in our country. In this article, we'll be talking about several Russian and international initiatives that aim to acquaint people with the tragic events of the 20th century, such as the Holocaust and repressions in the USSR.


  • Entrepreneurial Culture: A Look Into the New General Course at ITMO

    The past semester at ITMO University was marked by the introduction of a new set of core disciplines called Entrepreneurial Culture. As part of the initiative, 1,800 out of all 2,500 first-year Master’s students attended the course “Project Management” taught by 30+ staff members of ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations (FTMI) and the Institute of Entrepreneurship, professional trainers and entrepreneurs.


  • Staking on Unique: ITMO’s Startup Accelerator Revamps its Approach

    This September, ITMO University’s business accelerator Future Technologies has switched to a new working format. Instead of banking on short-term acceleration programs that didn’t fully cater to each individual startup’s distinctive features and needs, FT’s novel plan involves experts and startup teams interacting on a one-on-one basis. There are some changes to the participation rules, too; any project big or small can now apply for the Future Technologies’ resident status and work its way up from developing product prototypes to upscaling the company.


  • Online Farmers Market and Students with Jobs: SumIT School Winning Projects

    Last week, ITMO University’s Entrepreneurship Center hosted a Demo Day, marking the conclusion of the SumIT international summer school for startups. Over the course of two weeks, promising entrepreneurs from Russia, Croatia, and Cameroon received intensive training in customer development, business process modelling, marketing and PR, met with leading entrepreneurs and business experts, participated in workshops, and prepared to showcase their startups to a wider audience. The Demo Day saw the summer school participants present their projects to guests and judges.


  • Phylogenetic Trees and Targeted Cancer Research: Bioinformatics Summer School

    Cancer is one of the most common diseases of our time, and trailblazing bioinformatics research is looking for answers. This rapidly developing scientific field has already come up with effective methods that not only allow to quickly track down genome changes conducive to cancer development, but also pinpoint the factors that catalyze or inhibit this process. These questions were at the center of this year’s Bioinformatics summer school held at the end of July in the green purlieus of St. Petersburg. Participants of this largest national Bioinformatics event conducted high-profile research breaking down medical data of breast cancer patients, analyzing the differential expression of long non-coding RNA in kidney renal cell carcinoma, and building phylogenetic trees that contribute to better understanding of the disease. ITMO.NEWS met the young scientists to talk about their summer school projects and the latest of cancer-focused bioinformatics research. 


  • ITMO University Topped GoTech Ranking

    For the third time, the GoTech Innovation company assessed Russian universities in terms of the number of IT entrepreneurs they trained. The data used in the study was obtained via questionnaires. For the first time, ITMO University took first place. According to the company’s estimates, ITMO students and graduates accounted for more than 5% of all the entrepreneurs who participated in the GoTech contest last year.


  • ITMO University Launches SumIT International StartUp School

    ITMO University’s Entrepreneurship Center has recently launched SumIT, an international summer school for startup projects. Promising young entrepreneurs from Russia and all over the world came to St. Petersburg to boost their skills and gain new experiences at the two-week acceleration program. ITMO.NEWS met the program participants to find out more about their projects. 


  • Blood Nanofilters and Graphene Gas Sensors: “Big Challenges” Summer Camp

    Over the course of the “Big Challenges” summer camp organized by the Sirius education center, ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering lecturers trained promising school students in nanotechnologies research methods. Under the tutors’ helpful guidance, camp participants developed two high-level scientific projects: they created ordered nanostructures arrays for new generation devices and designed a highly sensitive graphene-based gas sensor. By doing that, the young inventors learned to not only follow complex and extremely convoluted scientific instructions, but also to work in teams, be independent in their search for problem solutions, and commercialize their research results.


  • Children Develop Robots at ITMO.KIDS Technopark

    15 school children attended the first summer school organized by ITMO.KIDS, a technopark for children at ITMO University. Over the course of a week, they made presentations and learned the basics of 3D modeling, robotics, project management, and design. For many of them, this was the first time they tried their hand at soldering and working with high-precision equipment. Lectures and workshops were conducted by ITMO staff and students. The participants worked on three projects designed to facilitate human activities in various fields, from animal feeding and drawing to uranium mining. As the event came to an end, participants presented their projects to the jury.


  • Internship at UCLA: Social Entrepreneurship Projects by ITMO Students

    Recently, it has been for the third time that ITMO University participated in a week-long internship in social entrepreneurship conducted at the University of California, Los Angeles. The internship's goal was to collaborate on two joint entrepreneurial projects that will be launched simultaneously in both Russia and the USA. ITMO.NEWS learned about the internship's procedure and the projects in question.