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  • Social Media Knows Everything: Threats and Risks

    We all have social media, and some of us even have several personal accounts. We take our profiles seriously: share a lot of information about ourselves and our personal life, as well as post a bunch of photos. We also google things, browse the net, and use online maps for navigation – basically, we can't go through a day without the Internet. Ksenia Buraya, a casual staff at ITMO’s Machine Learning Lab and a VK programmer, explains what a digital footprint is and why it is dangerous to overshare on social media.


  • ITMO Professor Aleksandr Farseev on Long Tail Marketing and 2020 Gartner Cool Vendors Award

    The company, which participated in ITMO Accelerator, received an award from the Gartner agency, one of the leaders in business analytics. ITMO.NEWS met with Aleksandr Farseev, the founder of the company and a professor at ITMO Machine Learning Lab, to learn more about the award and their future plans.


  • ITMO Professor Creates Platform to Help Bloggers Understand Their Audience, Find Partners and Improve Content

    The platform analyzes a creator’s publications and identifies user reactions to them. It also helps companies search for blogs they can use for advertising purposes. The project makes use of ideas developed by ITMO scientists that focus on using neural networks in working with social media content.


  • Media Research Group’s Aleksandr Farseev On Advertising Algorithms and Social Network Monopolies

    During the past three years, a team of researchers from the Machine Learning Lab has been studying artificial intelligence in the field of social network analysis. Aleksandr Farseev, the head of the team, discussed tasks they worked on and the results they achieved.


  • Russia's Most Popular Social Media Platforms

    Let’s be honest, we are all Internet addicts here. We spend every second of our days online (okay, maybe except those times when we're asleep), watching videos, browsing social media, and swiping our lives away on tablets and smartphones. Everyone knows these: YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, TikTok – they feel like second homes to us. But, wait, what do you really know about social media in Russia? Is it even a thing? Today, you drew a lucky straw, we will be your guides (and part-time MythBusters) to the mysterious world of social media in Russia.


  • ITMO Team Joins the Silver League of Google’s Anti-Cyberbullying Competition

    Approximately 1,500 teams participated in the event. The competitors were tasked with training a neural network to identify toxic, hostile, and obscene comments in various languages among dozens of thousands of regular texts.


  • Window to the World: ITMO Programmers’ New App Helps Combat Self-Isolation Loneliness

    If you’ve already become familiar with every corner of your home, sorted all your books in alphabetical order, and learned to play the clarinet, but are still struggling with self-isolation-inflicted loneliness and anxiety, a new app by ITMO University researchers is just what you need. HowWeSurvive allows you to explore an interactive world map and learn how people are dealing with quarantine in other countries, in other cities, or on your block. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with the app’s developers to learn more.


  • Grandma Instagrammers: How ITMO Volunteers Help Seniors Master Modern Social Media

    The modern world is marked by ongoing technological development which is extremely hard to get on top of. This is especially true for older people, whose lives usually don’t revolve around the online as much as young people’s do. To improve the situation, ITMO University’s Volunteer Center hosted #VSeti, a workshop on teaching seniors the intricacies of smartphones and social media. The classes were organized on April 20-30 for the volunteers of the nonprofit Silver Years.


  • Personal Branding in 2019: the Do’s and the Don'ts

    During her open lecture at OKHTA LAB, Elnara Petrova, the CEO of SMM agency NextMedia, shared some tips on building a personal brand, working with your audience, attracting interest, taming algorithms and dealing with negativity. Below are key excerpts from Ms. Petrova’s lecture.


  • Virtual Influencers: What Are They?

    Adidas Russia has unveiled Russia’s first virtual influencer: a digital twin of the model Sasha Panika named Asya Strike. As of right now, the virtual model can boast a little more than 1,000 followers on Instagram. Asya isn’t the first virtual model in Russia, and virtual influencers have existed for quite some time now: they run social media accounts and even sign contracts with the likes of Balenciaga and Balmain. So what are digital influencers, how are they made, and how much do they cost?