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  • ITMO 3.0 Reload: 2016's Results

    ITMO 3.0 Reload — this year's final event dedicated to research commercialization — took place last Thursday. During this pitch session organized by the Project Management and Innovation Department and Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations, five teams presented their projects to a special jury, and got important feedback on how to develop their ideas.


  • FoodTech-2050: Introducing Technologies to Food Industry

    By 2050, the Earth's populace will amount to 9.6 billion people. Protein-based food consumption will increase due to the economic growthof underdeveloped countries. Life expectancy will increase, so people will need specific foods — like foods with special balancers. Yet, even now there are lots of problems in the food industry — ones that have to do with manufacturing, shipment, storage. These were discussed during the Foodnet foresight session that was part of the Import Substitution in Food Industry Week organized by ITMO University.