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  • ITMO.EduStars Winner and ICPC Star Coach Andrey Stankevich on Finding His Calling

    Andrey Stankevich got into programming when he was still in school; in the 90s, before he even had his own computer, he already read computer science books and took computer classes. As a student at ITMO, he twice became the winner of ICPC, the world’s most prestigious programming competition. After graduating and becoming a lecturer, he took up coaching. Under his leadership, ITMO University’s team became the world’s only seven-time ICPC champion. We spoke to Andrey to find out about the differences between academic teaching and coaching, getting students to engage with complex topics, and why teaching is more than a vocation.


  • Gennady ‘Tourist’ Korotkevich: My First Defeat Only Made Me Want to Win More

    What does a two-time world champion in competitive programming do as a student? Why does he continue to take part in competitions, and how does he choose them? Would he like to be named “Hero of Belarus”? Gennady Korotkevich, a PhD student at ITMO University and the recent entrant of Magazine’s Top-50 People of St. Petersburg list, answered these and other questions in an interview with Prof. Anatoly Shalyto, himself a member of’s 2017 edition of the Top-50, and Lidia Perovskaya, ITMO graduate and producer of ICPC World Finals live broadcasts.


  • Russian Programmers Prepare For ICPC-2019

    On December 2, ITMO University was among the universities that hosted the semi-finals of the International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). More than 100 student teams from the European part of Russia, the Ural region, Belarus and the Baltic states competed for the right to take part in the final stage of the world’s largest programming contest, which will take place in Porto, Portugal next year. The team from Lomonosov Moscow State University, champions of this year’s ICPC, emerged as winners in the semi-final stage.


  • International Olympiad in Informatics 2018 Winners: Even If You’re Tired, Don’t Lose Sight of Your Goals

    This September, Russian school students managed to win not one, but four prizes at the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) in Japan. Two members of the winning team, golden and silver medalists Ramazan Rakhmatullin from Kazan and Mikhail Anoprenko from St. Petersburg, have now enrolled at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, where they continue their training under the associate professor Andrey Stankevich and dream of one day becoming champions of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. ITMO.NEWS met the students to find out how to get into programming, why you shouldn’t give up if you haven’t made it to an international competition on your first try, and how being a contestant can come in handy in everyday life. 


  • Codeforces Founder Will Teach Web Development at ITMO

    Mikhail Mirzayanov, the founder of the Codeforces competitive programming platform, will teach web development at ITMO University. He moved to St. Petersburg from Saratov, where he was engaged in the development of the Olympiad Training Center for students. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he talked about his motivation to join ITMO team and create his online training platform for programmers.


  • “Quantum Potential” Science Stand-Up Show Returns In Second Installment

    What’s the difference between programming and football championships? What makes theoretical physicists cooler than lifestyle bloggers? Last Friday, Tantsploshchadka club in St. Petersburg held the second Quantum Potential stand-up comedy show, organized by ITMO University. QP is a place for scientists to joke about their work and introduce some much-needed levity to science. This time around, the list of jokesters included Computer Technologies Department tutor Lidia Perovskaya, physicist Anton Kozubov, chemist Mikhail Kurushkin and a special guest: Russia’s youngest stand-up comedian Boris Zeliger.


  • Russia Secures ACM ICPC-2018 World Champion Title

    On April 19, Beijing hosted the final round of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. The World Cup will once again travel to Russia - although, this time, to Moscow. This year’s world champion is Moscow State University; the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology was also awarded a gold medal. ITMO University’s team, a record-holding seven-time world champion, won the bronze. Overall, 4 Russian teams are present among this year’s 13 winners.


  • ITMO Prepares for ACM ICPC

    Students from ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty Vladimir Smykalov, Adam Bardashevich and Grigory Shovkoplyas recently hosted a winter training camp for Chinese collegiate programming teams in Beijing. Meanwhile, ITMO University’s team, who are slated to participate in the competition’s final stage, attended a training camp in Petrozavodsk where they entered the top 3 teams in attendance. Both events happened earlier this month. Camps are a major part of training for the ACM ICPC finale and are a good indicator of the participants’ chances at winning.


  • Seven Words that Describe ITMO in 2017

    It’s been a fantastic year with lots of victories for ITMO University. We love our university and we love how it’s dynamically progressing and advancing to greater heights, even having a mountain peak named after ITMO. The year is coming to an end and to celebrate we want to share with you seven of the hottest words that describe ITMO in 2017. 


  • ITMO Team Passes ACM ICPC Regionals, Will Compete for World Cup in Beijing

    On December 3, the semi-finals of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest were held at ITMO University. The university was one of the four venues for the Northern Eurasia regional contest for Russia and CIS countries, in which more than 300 teams participated. 16 teams were selected to take part in the final stage of the contest, which will take place in Beijing in April of 2018. ITMO University’s team is also among them,