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  • Why Google Loves Kotlin and Who Needs 2000 Programming Languages

    The Kotlin programming language, developed by St. Petersburg company JetBrains, has become an official development language for Android, which was announced at Google’s recent I/O 17 Conference. Kotlin’s team is led by ITMO University alumnus Andrey Breslav. ITMO.NEWS asked the experts: why did the IT giant love Kotlin so much that they picked it out of the great number of other “young” languages? And why and how are new programming languages made?


  • Spend Your Leisure Time with Kickcity

    Where to go and how to find soulmates who keep you company? ITMO.NEWS has interviewed Gideon Nveze, founder and CEO of Kickcity, an interactive app for looking for events, which is appropriate for IOS users and is already tested at Android, and also has Russian and English versions.