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  • Discover Wooden Architecture in St. Petersburg

    Although the wooden architecture of St. Petersburg is primarily concentrated in its suburbs, there’s still an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the finest examples without venturing outside the city. Where to find them? Read our article to find out.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Brutalism

    St. Petersburg is a town of three epochs – and each has added to its appearance, making it the city we know and love. Its historical center and suburbs reflect its past as the capital of an empire; recent additions to the city’s landscape, like the Lakhta Center or the new districts, speak of its ambitious present. Oddly enough, the city’s Soviet heritage is often overlooked in this regard – so, this time, let’s talk about one of its most impressive aspects: the Brutalist architecture.   


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: Peski

    Sometimes, one step off Nevsky Prospect is all it takes to escape from the city's bustle. Let's treat ourselves to coffee and cheesecake and unwind among the architectural variety of one of the most serene areas of central St. Pete. 


  • Ghosts From The Past: Russia’s Lost Architectural Gems

    Magnificent and daring, these buildings have reached our days only as pictures and memories – lost to war, natural disasters, or simply time. Here’s the list of architectural gems all around Russia that you can’t visit anymore.


  • Eiffel Towers of St. Petersburg: Controversial Landmarks of the Early 21st Century

    Surprisingly or not, some of the most well-known symbols of individual cities and even entire countries had once been subjects of never-ending debates. The Eiffel Tower in Paris, the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, the Shard in London… But what about St. Petersburg? Here are some of the most recent architectural projects that have become a truly integral part of the city’s landscape despite the controversy surrounding them.


  • More Than Panels: Cool Soviet Experiments on Residential Buildings

    Chicken legs, donuts, a cosmodrome, and more – check out our guide to atypical residential buildings of the Soviet era.


  • Architectural Utopia: 5 Never-Implemented Soviet Projects

    What would St. Petersburg and Moscow have been like if...? Although history has already been written, sometimes it can be an eye-opening experience to see our what-ifs taking shape – at least on paper. If you can hardly imagine a different Russia, then take a look at these five architectural projects that, for better or worse, never got to see the light of day. From splendid palaces reaching to the sky to the Russian Eiffel Tower – here’s a glimpse into an alternative future of Russia.


  • Russia’s World Records: The Largest, The Coldest, and The Greatest

    From being the largest country in the world to demonstrating an impressive list of architectural and natural wonders – Russia has a number of records under its belt to amaze not only its guests but also its residents. What else does Russia hold the number-one spot in? Read on to explore the -ests of our beautiful country.


  • Castles and Fortifications: Russia’s Hidden Medieval Gems

    From medieval torture rooms and royal assassinations to walls that once saw real knights, here are some of the most spectacular castles and fortifications in Russia that just might inspire you to try on a suit of armor.


  • St. Petersburg’s Architectural Gems: Art Nouveau

    At the turn of the 20th century, the Art Nouveau style emerged in Europe, characterized by delicate, elaborate ornamentation, balanced asymmetry, and extensive use of floral motifs and sinuous curving lines. In St. Petersburg, this architectural nouvelle vague was aided by the National Romantic movement that flourished in other Scandinavian countries, giving rise to quirky yet stunning buildings that went on to become the city’s best-known landmarks.