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  • Alexia Vanmalder: I Love Being in Russia. This Culture Is So Different From What I’m Used To

    Hailing from Charleroi, Belgium, Alexia Vanmalder is currently an intern at ITMO’s Foreign Language Training Center, where she mostly translates articles for ITMO News and observes English and Russian language classes to offer feedback to the teachers. She also takes part in student activities like the speaking club and writes articles for ITMO’s blog. 


  • Brussels, Prague and Rio de Janeiro: Exchange Students Share Their Experiences

    This fall semester, three students from the Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering went to Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Belgium as part of ITMO University’s academic mobility program. Now, Alexandra, Sofia, and Ekaterina share some of their experience and explain what to expect when you’re going abroad to study.


  • Academic Exchange in Brussels: Urban Science in the Heart of Europe

    The heart of Europe, the headquarters of the EU, dozens of museums and historic streets – this is Brussels as seen by tourists. But for an urbanist, this city, with all its sights, is still a place where many issues are yet to be solved. How do you set up new spaces in the old city, ensure pedestrian connectivity and make a city modern? Ekaterina Grekhnyova, a Master’s student at ITMO University, tackled these and other tasks during a semester spent at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. She spoke to ITMO.NEWS about studying and living in Belgium.


  • Internships in Belgium: How to Apply and What to Expect

    Elena Eremeeva and Daniil Ilatovskiy are Master's students at ITMO's SCAMT laboratory who have recently completed internships at universities in Belgium. They had an opportunity to use new equipment there as well as become acquainted with how research work is conducted in Europe. This experience will help them to better organize their research and improve the operation of the entire SCAMT (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies) Laboratory. The students were able to take part in the internships thanks to academic mobility competitions organized by the university.