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  • Creating a University of the Future in Seven Days: Big Challenges Summit in Sochi

    From October 28 to November 3, the Russian city of Sochi hosted the “Big Challenges for Society, State and Science” summit. Organized by the educational center “Sirius”, the event annually brings together talented students and young PhD researchers from all over the country. This year, the summit’s participants not only attended lectures and workshops by leading tech companies, but also developed their own projects for a university of the future in just seven days. Helping them in this endeavor was a team of ITMO University specialists, ten experts in the fields of science communication, cybersecurity, sociology of science, biotechnologies and cyberphysical systems. Read on to learn more about how the event unfolded.


  • Serious Science: How School Students Create Projects at Sirius and Develop Them Under the Guidance of ITMO

    This summer, dozens of Russian school students came to Sirius to work on projects in 12 different tracks, from Nanotechnology to Cognitive Studies, New Materials and Smart cities. Researchers from ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering participated in the program as mentors and project developers. With their guidance, the students developed breakthrough nanostructured antibacterial surfaces and a metalens for focusing Wi-Fi radiation. To continue working on their projects, the students came to ITMO where they not only attended lectures but also got a chance to visit ITMO’s many laboratories and work on real-life lab equipment. Read on to learn more about their project results and plans for the future. 


  • Academy of Talents: ITMO’s Specialists from Institute of Design & Urban Studies Host Lectures for School Students

    St. Petersburg’s Academy of Talents has hosted Live City, a specialized educational program on urban science and design for school students. Participating as experts of the projects were the staff of ITMO University’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies. The specialists contributed with a series of introductory lectures and held interactive workshops. This should help the 9-to-11-graders to find a relevant topic for team research work that they could then present at the national competition of scientific and technological projects “Big Challenges” in the track “Smart City”.


  • Grad Platforma: User-Driven City Events Aggregator

    The students of the Sirius education center under the guidance of ITMO’s Institute of Design & Urban Studies specialists have created the open-access service Grad Platforma, which allows its users to add, search, and promote various events in the city. The platform aggregates events not only of the cultural but also of the administration and maintenance profile. The project was developed as part of the scientific-technological and educational program “Big Challenges”, held at Sirius on July 1-24, 2019. 


  • Blood Nanofilters and Graphene Gas Sensors: “Big Challenges” Summer Camp

    Over the course of the “Big Challenges” summer camp organized by the Sirius education center, ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering lecturers trained promising school students in nanotechnologies research methods. Under the tutors’ helpful guidance, camp participants developed two high-level scientific projects: they created ordered nanostructures arrays for new generation devices and designed a highly sensitive graphene-based gas sensor. By doing that, the young inventors learned to not only follow complex and extremely convoluted scientific instructions, but also to work in teams, be independent in their search for problem solutions, and commercialize their research results.