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  • BioHack-2018: 48 Hours to Make a Difference

    The 48-hour hackathon BioHack-2018 has taken place in St. Petersburg. Teams of biologists and programmers from all around Russia worked on bioinformatics cases. The event brought together both university students and young scientists. Software and IT developer EPAM and the Institute of Bioinformatics sponsored the project.


  • "Genome Tetris" and Analyzing Fly Behavior: BioHack — the First Hackathon on Bioinformatics

    Last weekend, ITMO hosted St. Petersburg's first hackathon on bioinformatics — BioHack. For 48 hours, 24 teams analyzed thousands of science articles, modeled evolutionary processes, developed bioinformatics games and software which analyzes movement of flies, sequenced cheetah's genome and solved other similar tasks. Read about the event in detail in our article.