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  • Andrei Gomez: Learn English to Get the Most Out of Life

    Andrei Gomez De Oliveira Giovanni is a Master’s degree student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at ITMO University. He is currently doing an internship at Embrapa Genetic Resources and Biotechnology (Brazil) where, under the supervision of Dr. Dmitry Kolpashchikov, his team is developing quantitative logic-gated DNA nanomachines designed to treat cancer. Andrey’s research focuses on improving the CRISPR-Cas9 methodologies to edit the bovine genome.


  • Brussels, Prague and Rio de Janeiro: Exchange Students Share Their Experiences

    This fall semester, three students from the Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering went to Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Belgium as part of ITMO University’s academic mobility program. Now, Alexandra, Sofia, and Ekaterina share some of their experience and explain what to expect when you’re going abroad to study.


  • Joel Rodrigues from Brazil’s National Institute of Telecommunications: on Internet of Things, Its Biggest Challenges and Goals

    In August 2018, three research organizations published their reports on development prospects in the market of industrial Internet of Things. According to the latest Market Research Engine report, the volume of the global IoT market will pass 176 billion USD by 2022. Meanwhile, Juniper Research report that the number of connected IoT sensors and devices will amount to 21 billion in 2018, and 50 billion by 2022. Joel Rodrigues, a professor of the National Institute of Telecommunications (Brazil) and an IEEE Distinguished Lecturer, discussed the future of this industry, as well as its issues, with the staff and students of ITMO University. For the past several years, Professor Rodrigues has worked together with researchers from ITMO on several initiatives. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, he spoke about his work and the IoT’s potential to change the global economy.


  • Exchange Students from Brazil: 'They're Always Happy'

    Students from around the world have come to participate in the IT and Innovation Business in Russia exchange semester at ITMO. Among them is a bright and bubbly group from Brazil. Every year a group of four or five students come from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) in Vittoria, on the east coast of Brazil, to join our exchange semester. Last year we talked to Esthevão who shared about what brought him to Russia. This year we talk with Angelo, Thales, Caio, Mateus and Yan who have been here for five weeks now, about their experience so far.


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