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  • Returning to the Path of Human: St. Petersburg to Host Lighting Design International Conference

    “No matter how much we talk about the progress and the synthesis of technologies, no magic will happen until there is one irreplaceable component – a human being,” says Denis Astakhov, CEO of Avocado Toast, of the main idea behind the international scientific-practical conference “Lighting Design” in 2019. We stand on the brink of the Russian lighting industry development, where previous approaches lose their relevance. While some companies anticipate changes, and others try to solve short-term problems, there are those who look to the future and consider the possibility of creating a comfortable lighting environment in the context of digitalization. Organized by ITMO University together with the State Hermitage Museum and the ARCHCLUB social and professional project, the “Lighting Design” conference will be dedicated to this particular topic, as well as the role of humans in the lighting industry development.


  • Danish Exchange Students Developing Lighting Design Solution for St. Petersburg Park

    How does lighting design help reflect natural occurrences in the urban environment and make the latter more accommodating for people? Beata Kublik and Paulina Dudkiewicz, Master’s students from Aalborg University (Denmark), are currently doing an internship at ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design. The two students are developing a new lighting design model for one of St. Petersburg’s public parks using a nature-oriented approach. They believe that the value of light as an architectural tool will only increase wherever people haven’t yet realized its importance.


  • Watching the Stars: Technologies of St. Petersburg’s New Planetarium

    A new planetarium with the world’s biggest dome (37 meters in diameter) has opened in St. Petersburg; a unified system of 39 projectors allows for  fulldome  360 videos. The new equipment was first tested at ITMO’s Higher School of Lighting Design. ITMO.NEWS visited the new planetarium and found out how these new projections work, and learned what issues such equipment presents.


  • Doctor Yang Bai: “Now, We Can Collect Energy From Light, Motion, AND Heat At The Same Time”

    Last week, the Lighting Design - 2017 International Conference organized by ITMO University's Higher School of Lighting Design and the RULD creative association took place at the New Stage of Alexandrinsky Theatre. The event brought together representatives of the scientific community and business, adherers of art and innovation technology. More than 500 Russian and international experts in the fields of lighting design, architecture, art, urban science, engineering, IT, multimedia technologies and smart fashion discussed the industry's most relevant issues. At his lecture that was part of the conference's program, Doctor Yang Bai from Oulu University (Finland) spoke about a new generation of materials for the industry of Art&Science that might change our world, as well as a new revolutionary technology that allows us to derive energy from almost everything that surrounds us


  • Neural Interfaces as Art: How Does Neurotheater Work?

    The first performance of the neurotheater took place at the Geek Picnic festival in late June 2017. The new type of dramatic art is based on reading the actor’s emotions using neural interfaces and sharing them with the auditorium through light, color, music, and rhythm. This show is one of the best examples of a trend that is gaining popularity - Art & Science. The project created by a cross-disciplinary team of the Art&Science Institute at ITMO University was introduced to the visitors of the festival of modern technologies, science, and art. ITMO.NEWS has talked with an employee of ITMO University’s Higher School of Lighting Design, Darya Cheremisina (she was working on the performance) and found out the fundamental difference between the new type of theater and the traditional one and what problems the show’s creators have to solve.


  • Technology as Digital Mirrors

    The media art festival MediaIN took place on the new stage of the Alexandrinsky theater from 14th to 16th of July. Visitors had the chance to admire different interactive light and sound installations and video art. ITMO.NEWS managed to get an interview with Taras Mashtalir, a media artist, composer and producer whose works were displayed during the three days of the festival. He was behind the project SONICOLOGY and created some of his works in collaboration with The Higher School of Lighting Design at ITMO University. Mashtalir also worked as a lecturer at ITMO during the last academic semester.