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  • Participants of It's Your Call! Forum Develop Algorithm for Assessing Robot Performance

    ITMO University has run a case championship for the participants of the educational forum It’s Your Call! which was held as part of the I Am a Professional contest. Within one day, students had to design a model that can assess a robot’s performance. The task was set by Sberbank, the forum’s general partner. More on the models and best student solutions below.


  • Data Science for Gazprom Neft: Internships for ITMO Students

    Representatives of the marketing division of Gazprom Neft, one of the country’s leading fuel companies, presented an internship program at ITMO University that offers students in the field of IT, data and economic analysis an opportunity to get some practical experience and a chance to land a job at the company. ITMO.NEWS talked to the company’s representatives and learned what awaits students at the GPN Intelligence Cup case championship, what competencies an intern has to have, and what other ways are there to get a job at Gazprom Neft for an IT specialist.


  • It All Depends on Effort You Put In: ITMO Master’s Student on Internship at Gazprom and How to Win It

    Bumping into an unknown task is one of the main fears all participants of academic competitions have when starting out. Yet this was exactly the situation that Pavel Zhdanov, a student of ITMO University’s Big Data Financial Technologies Master’s program, found himself in during the GPN Intelligence Cup case-championship. He rose to the challenge, solved everything he had to solve, and won an internship at Gazprom Neft, the largest oil-producing company in Russia. ITMO.NEWS met with Pavel to find out what working at Gazprom is like, how to nail all job interviews and why soft skills are so important.


  • Generation Z: Who Are They?

    We don’t know much about Generation Z, since they are those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s and now they are just graduating from college and entering the workforce. But these young people differ in many significant ways from their predecessors. Ksenia Pomogaeva, a first year Master’s student at ITMO University, conducted a research on Gen Z to find out the factors influencing their career choices and ways to motivate this new cohort of workers. The research was carried out jointly with BIOCAD, an international innovative biotechnology company, Ksenia is doing an internship at.