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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 30-31, 2022

    From experiencing the magic of kite flying to soaking up St. Pete’s culture and arts scene, here are a few dazzling ways to celebrate the last weekend of July.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 23-24

    Another week – another chance to celebrate life all weekend. As usual, here is our guide to the best events in the city and beyond to help you make the best of your plans. Enjoy!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: July 16-17, 2022

    We're halfway through summer and there's still plenty to do. This weekend, we’ve got not one but two open-air festivals, a garage sale by the sea, a fair, and a classical music concert to top it all off! Here’s what you will be up to come Saturday.


  • This Weekend In St. Petersburg: May 28-29, 2022

    Believe it or not, we are nearing summer here in St. Petersburg, and even the temperatures are steadily climbing above 15 degrees Celsius. We know this might come as a huge surprise (what, warmer weather, really?), so here is our usual weekend guide to keep you firm on the ground and help you plan out these last spring days.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 19-20, 2022

    Though February may feel sometimes daunting and tedious – or should I say just “meh”? – it won’t stop us from enjoying the long-awaited weekend. Especially when there’s so much on in the city. A vinyl records market, a freshly-opened ABC exhibition, a new classical take on iconic rock songs, and more – let's make this a "yahoo!" weekend.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: January 15-16, 2022

    If you are freezing today, we are with you – and this guide is our version of the obligatory cold winter day cup of hot chocolate. Now, let's make some plans for the weekend – which promises to be much warmer this time around!


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: March 13-14, 2021

    This week we celebrated all the incredible women in our lives on International Women’s Day and now we explore the yummy traditions of Russian cuisine by making all kinds of blinis at home (and not only). And after such an eventful week, there is nothing better than visiting the most exciting and intriguing exhibitions, enjoying classical music, and seeing the effigy of Maslenitsa burning. And what about some thrift shopping at the city’s bustling markets along the way? Don't miss out on this fun way to end the week!


  • Culture Calling: Where to Enjoy Classical Music in St. Petersburg

    Can there be any perks in summer’s ending? A resolute yes, if you live in St. Petersburg. Here the beginning of fall marks the start of yet another cultural season and all the theaters, galleries and museums beam up with shiny new programs that awaken an avid theater-goer and art connoisseur even in the most indifferent inhabitant of the city on Neva. If you yourself ever feel that tug of culture luring you away from your comfortable couch into the St. Petersburg’s theatrical and musical unknown, we’re introducing a series of articles with our top recommendations on where to go and what to see, starting with the best classical music destinations.