Classical music on Palace Square

An annual event in St. Petersburg, Classics on Palace Square brings theaters, concert halls, and conservatoria to the streets of the city. Just imagine, a (hopefully) warm spring evening, the sky's the color it gets at dawn – for we are entering the white nights season – and you are embraced by the sounds of world-renowned pieces. It’s an idyllic experience to end your May on, as well as a great occasion to discover the famous white nights in a truly St. Petersburg atmosphere.


Credit: Devon Divine (@lightrisephoto) on Unsplash

Credit: Devon Divine (@lightrisephoto) on Unsplash

  • May 28
  • Various locations around the city
  • Price depends on the event

Biblionight is something like the Night of Museums, so if you are a fan of the event or missed it last week, here is your opportunity to enjoy a similar experience. Come Saturday evening, the city’s libraries will open their doors to visitors and offer a wide variety of events, including workshops and lectures. This year, the main theme of the event is Russian traditions, so you can expect to learn more about the different holidays, celebrations, and rituals of Russia’s many peoples, as well as practice your Russian skills. You can find the full program here. However, if you are not as confident in your Russian yet, you can read about various peculiar cultural aspects in our stories on Russian folklore.

Improvisation on cello and piano by Ulrike Brand and Dmitry Shubin

Credit: Andre Ouellet (@ledoc) on Unsplash

Credit: Andre Ouellet (@ledoc) on Unsplash

Whether you love music, architecture, or history – this event has it all. Over its history, the recently-restored Radio House has served as a hospital, a church, and, of course, a radio station; however, it was originally built to house the city’s gentry assembly in the early 20th century. Now, this neoclassical building is a residence of the musicAeterna orchestra and in this capacity regularly hosts various cultural events. This Sunday, you will have the chance to hear a contemporary improvisation on the cello and piano played by acclaimed performers. The event is held as part of the 8th St. Petersburg International New Music Festival, which also features other interesting lectures and workshops that you can find out more about here.

Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnyov. Timeless

  • May 14 - August 7, 10 am - 10 pm daily except Tuesdays
  • Erarta museum
  • 600-1,000 rubles (with annual pass)

At this exhibition, visitors will be treated to captivating photographs by one of Russia’s internationally acknowledged artists. A unique combination of styles and techniques used in each picture creates something inherently contemporary and, at the same time, evocative of the classical works of the Renaissance. On the page describing the exhibition, it is said that Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnyov’s works are included in private collections of many famous people – and perhaps it is a cue for us to try and envision what such unusual pieces look like in “normal” homely surroundings. It can be that such placing will truly make them timeless, as the title of the event claims.