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  • How Indigenous Peoples of Russia Celebrate New Year

    ​Most, if not all, cultures feel the need to mark the day when one annual cycle ends and a new one begins. The date and the way of celebration, however, differ.


  • Get to Know Indigenous Peoples of Leningrad Oblast Through Music

    Leningrad Oblast (the region surrounding St. Petersburg) has been home to both Finno-Ugric and Slavic peoples for a long time. These cultures may have borrowed a little something from each other, but they've still preserved their individuality and uniqueness. When it comes to their folklore, the primary genre would be songs, which we can still enjoy today to immerse ourselves into the wondrous world of the past.


  • Not Only Russian: 5 Most Spoken National Languages in Russia

    From Tatar to Yaghnobi, Russia is home to over 100 unique languages, not to mention various dialects and variants. Even though Russian is recognized as the only official language, the country’s many ethnic groups remain true to the languages of their ancestors even today.


  • Explore the Art of Russia’s Indigenous Peoples

    Today, on August 9, we celebrate the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Their art offers a wealth of storytelling, beauty, and inspiration. 


  • Finno-Ugric Spots of St. Petersburg

    Russia is known as a multinational country, and rightfully so – around 200 ethnic groups inhabit it and each of them has its own unique culture. Today, let’s talk about the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia and where you can learn more about them without having to leave St. Petersburg.


  • Painted Mammoths and Honey: the Rescued Wonders of Bashkortostan

    Sometimes I’m struck by the fact that Russia is so big it can take a lifetime to embrace the variety of its cultures and landscapes spread along the continent. So, why not take a baby step and become acquainted with one of its many wonderful regions – Bashkortostan, a treasury of natural wonders carefully preserved by its inhabitants.


  • Discover Yamal Peninsula: Wise Up and Learn to Welcome Change

    Sometimes I am terrified by how little I know about my own country and especially its many regions. Not long ago, I stumbled upon a short course on Yamal, a peninsula in Western Siberia, surrounded by northern seas, and it shook my world in so many ways that I can’t help but share what I learn in hopes to change yours – if only a little!