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  • ITMO Students and Staff Can Now Read E-Books For Free via LitRes

    ITMO Library’s upgraded website was recently launched. It allows you to gain remote access to LitRes Library service and borrow fiction, non-fiction, and educational e-books and audiobooks.


  • New Coworking Space Now Open at ITMO’s Lomonosova 9 Campus

    Just last month, a new coworking space opened its doors at ITMO’s main building on Kronverksky Prospekt 49. On November 24, a counterpart opened at the Lomonosova St. 9 campus. Both of the coworking spaces and the upcoming library have been developed as part of the university’s overall transformation strategy that aims to make studying, working, and socializing comfortable and enjoyable for all students.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: October 24-25, 2020

    While days are getting shorter and mornings – colder, it is a hard-level game to leave the comfort of your warm and cozy bed when your alarm goes off (for the third time, right?). We feel you! But do not get carried away by this temptation! Let’s leave the snooze button behind, bundle up in our favorite fall sweaters, and do cool things this weekend.


  • New Coworking Space Opens at ITMO’s Kronverksky Campus

    A new coworking space is now available at ITMO’s building on Kronverksky Prospect. Here, you can study, socialize, use a computer, and test your projects in the VR area. Read more about the space’s equipment and the opportunities it offers in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • Places to See: Libraries of St. Petersburg

    Ah, the library. It’s where we work, study, and relax. Perhaps unjustly forgotten in today’s digital age, libraries are still a valuable source of learning and entertainment – if you only let yourself discover it. As the birthplace of Russian science and the nation’s “cultural capital”, St. Petersburg has a special relationship with these temples of knowledge. Here are the city’s best spots where you can see that for yourself: