Paranature Institute exhibition

  • until January 23, 11 am - 7 pm, Sundays are days off
  • Marina Gisich Gallery
  • Free on weekdays, 150 on weekends
  • QR code: required

Art and science come together again at this curious exhibition of works by the graduates of ITMO’s eponymous Master’s program. Can plants talk to birds and what do they discuss if that’s true? Can you synthesize tears in a lab – and what would artificial tears mean to us then? Here, the artists attempted to reunite our highly rationalized reality with some of the magic and mysticism of times gone by. Who knows, maybe a new spell is just what we need in order to get to some new and outstanding scientific discoveries. 

Organ in space

The city’s Planetarium can always be counted on in terms of the most original and unique concerts thanks to their incredible guest artists and a pretty much unique location. Though diehard music buffs might look down on the combination of organ and space, we say it’s a show worth witnessing. Especially if you find it a little hard to stay concentrated at more traditional church or concert hall organ performances. Also, it’s a great choice if you, like us, are missing the stars that can so rarely be spotted in St. Pete in the winter. 

Last Darkness 2 Walkthrough

  • December 25, 2021 - January 16, 2022, sessions start at 6 pm daily
  • Nikolay Evdokimov Gallery (Kirochnaya St. 19, apartment 37)
  • 300 rubles (you would need to sign up here in advance and wait for a call to confirm your visit)
  • QR code: required

Is it a game or an exhibition? What if we tell you it’s both? Here, you will have to decipher clues moving between exhibits and paying attention to what’s written on the walls. Evgenyi Kuzmichev, the author of the project, is both an artist and a game researcher, which makes us sure this experience is going to be one to remember. The location itself is intriguing, as this gallery occupies an ordinary flat in central St. Petersburg that welcomes everyone who dares to unravel its secrets.

Stravinsky. Glière. Rachmaninoff at Mariinsky Concert Hall

Now, this concert is one to make all those formerly disappointed classical music buffs clap their hands in ecstasy. Presenting three influential composers that were roughly contemporaries and yet followed different paths in their creative work, some cherishing the heritage of the past and others looking to start something new. It is going to be a captivating performance that may leave you with some new favorites in the realm of classical music – and who wouldn’t welcome a chance to enrich their playlist? We know we would.