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  • Summer Drinks for When it’s Hot in St. Petersburg

    Sometimes it feels like summer just suddenly appears on our doorstep in St. Petersburg, and this year is no exception. For those of us who managed to buy a fan during the heatwave last summer, we’re relieved to have it now as the humidity settles all around us in the city. So we’re dealing with it by grabbing some fresh and fun cool summer drinks. Here are some of our favorites. 


  • Enjoy Every Cup: Specialty Coffee in St. Petersburg

    Whether you have six cups a day or only enjoy coffee on special occasions, sometimes you just want to go a little extra while still staying within a reasonable price range. That’s where specialty coffee comes in, rich in flavor and carefully handled before reaching your cup. What is it and where can you taste some? Read on to find out. 


  • Kick Off the New Academic Year: Study Spots Near ITMO Campuses

    It’s not always that we get super excited to spend hours on end doing homework for the next class. But if there is a cool new place to explore or a chance to get that perfect mug of coffee, it might get a little easier. To boost your creative spirit and motivation, here’s a list of the best places to study near two main ITMO campuses.


  • Raf Coffee: Delicious Russian Coffee Invention

    Frothy, creamy, and vanilla-flavored, raf coffee is a delicious and Russia-originating addition to the blooming St. Petersburg specialty coffee culture. What is it that makes it just so good and where can you get your first sip?


  • Live Your Best Spring in St. Petersburg

    It’s time to start living the life we could only imagine during those long and unexpectedly cold winter months – spring is almost in its full reign in the city! For this special occasion, we have assembled a collection of ideas on how to celebrate every token of the season all around St. Petersburg. Let’s see hibernation off in style! 


  • Coffee Map Project: Coffee to Go Without Waiting and Queues

    ITMO Accelerator’s residents, the team of the Coffee Map project, have come up with a way to introduce information technologies into coffee culture. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the startup’s founder Ivan Zverev to find out more.


  • The Experiment: A Week Without Coffee

    Hello, we are Anastasias, and we are coffee addicts. We love coffee for so many reasons: the rich taste, the delicious aroma of roasted beans, the feeling of excitement and euphoria caffeine evokes in us, and just the ritual of taking a rest from your daily routine and sitting down with a cup of latte. However, though reinvigorating and delicious, coffee has its fair share of drawbacks, as it increases anxiety, reduces sleep and causes energy spikes and crashes. So we decided to do the unspeakable: attempt to give up coffee for a week. Will we make it out alive? Let’s find out!