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  • Schrödinger's Croissant: How ITMO Experts Explain Science With Pastry

    ITMO University, along with the Bushe bakery chain, released a collaborative pop-sci project called Schrödinger's Croissant. This is a limited-edition pastry with a secret filling and a QR code to a set of short clips by the university’s scientists that explain the concepts behind multiverse, teleportation, and other mysteries of the quantum world. ITMO.NEWS caught up with the project’s experts for some rapid fire questions about how they pulled it off and challenged them to explain some complex ideas in plain language.


  • Science and Pastry Combined: ITMO and Bushe Bakeries Launch Joint Pop-Sci Project Schrödinger's Croissant

    Starting today, November 10, customers of the Bushe bakery chain can enjoy a Schrödinger-themed croissant with a secret filling created jointly with ITMO University – and then have complex physics explained to them by the university’s top-notch experts.


  • Now On the Market: Dental Implants Based on ITMO Technology

    In 2020, we told you about the new method for processing implant surfaces to improve their biocompatibility developed at ITMO’s International Research Laboratory for Micro- and Nanotechnology Lasers. Recently, the company Lenmiriot announced the market launch of the first dental implants made with the new laser technology.


  • ITMO's School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems Becomes Partner of the INTARI Company

    On June 3, Roman Zernov, the head of the NefteGasInvest INTARI company, and Igor Baranov, the head of ITMO’s School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems, signed a cooperation agreement.


  • IT for Big Business: Joint Corporate Master’s Program by ITMO University and T-Systems

    What IT specialists are now in demand by major companies? How to start working on a real-world project while still at university? Is it possible to partake in an internship at an international company during the first semester of your Master’s studies? ITMO University students discussed these and other questions at a meeting with the representatives of the international company T-Systems, which is part of the German group Deutsche Telekom. Starting from this year, ITMO is implementing a joint corporate Master’s program with the Russian branch of the company, T-Systems Russia. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the heads of the program and T-Systems specialists to learn more about its education process, the kind of specialists it trains and the opportunities it offers to students.