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  • Student Spotlight: Md. Imran Hossain, Bangladesh

    Delve into the transformative journey of Md. Imran Hossain, a seasoned professional from Bangladesh with a robust seven-year career as a textile engineer under his belt. However, recently, Imran decided to chart a new course by pursuing a Master's degree in mathematical and computer engineering at ITMO. Join us as Imran shares the rich tapestry of his experiences in St. Petersburg, providing insights into the challenges, revelations, and the profound impact this journey has had on his professional trajectory.


  • ITMO University Scientists Create App to Calculate COVID-19 Infection Risks Based on Human Behavior

    During the current coronavirus pandemic, even leaving one’s home is always a risk. Each time, people are faced with a dilemma: going to the store or ordering delivery? Taking the subway or walking to work? ITMO University researchers have developed an application that demonstrates how tightening or loosening self-isolation and quarantine measures would have an effect on the infection rates in various countries. This project is a part of a larger initiative on the modeling of social processes in the conditions of a pandemic.


  • ITMO University PhD student Karina Pats on Her Job in the Field of Bioinformatics in Kazakhstan and her Career in Academia

    Karina Pats graduated from ITMO University’s Applied Computer Science program last year, and at the moment is getting a PhD degree. She also works on a big project at Nazarbayev University (Kazakhstan) under the grant for research of nuclear receptor action mechanisms. Karina shared with ITMO.NEWS why research of these mechanisms can potentially help development of a new medicine, how bioinformatics work in Kazakhstan, and why she decided to pursue a career in academia instead of the industry.


  • St. Petersburg, Amsterdam, Singapore: ITMO Graduate on Improving City Infrastructure

    ITMO University graduate Valentin Melnikov got into high-performance computing during his Master’s program run by ITMO in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. He started his research with the question of how power cuts influence the traffic situation in Amsterdam. Thanks to ITMO University’s partnership with the University of Amsterdam, the graduate was invited to the Nanyang Technological University to work in the laboratory headed by Professor Peter Sloot who teaches at all three aforementioned universities. While in Singapore, Valentin is developing an infrastructure model which would help create a comfortable urban space in extremely hot and humid climate conditions. ITMO.NEWS met the graduate to talk about his research.