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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 6-7, 2022

    Let’s welcome August in style with lots of live music, an immersive exhibition, and a unique annual festival. Enjoy your warm weekend in the city with our freshly baked guide!


  • A Series of Workshops on ITMO Highpark’s Ecosystem Kicks Off in St. Petersburg

    The workshop “New materials and technologies for the creation of comfortable territorial ecosystem of ITMO Highpark” has kicked off at the Boiling Point (Tochka Kipenia) space of the International Banking Institute in St. Petersburg. Over the course of two days, its participants will brainstorm solutions for new innovative materials and technologies for building state-of-the-art campus dormitories south of the city as part of the ITMO Highpark project. ITMO.NEWS attended the workshop’s opening to find out what tasks are the participants set with, how the work will be conducted and what innovations can be introduced into the plan of ITMO Highpark as a result. 


  • Architectural Plan of ITMO Highpark Shortlisted for World Architecture Festival Award

    The architectural plan for the ITMO Highpark innovations center has been shortlisted for the 2019 World Architecture Festival Award. A total of 534 projects from 70 countries made it to the list of potential winners, competing for the Grand Prix and the title of “Building of the Year”.


  • Smoke and Mirrors: ITMO’s Lighting Designers to Present Projects at Light Nights in Gatchina Festival

    Why technologies matter but maybe not so much, what inspires the creative youth of today, and how better to use lighting designers’ main tool of trade: these are some of the questions ITMO.NEWS asked the students and graduates of ITMO University’s Master’s program in Lighting Design. Their innovative projects were selected as art residents of this year’s international festival “Light Nights in Gatchina”, which will take place on August 16-17. 


  • RTDA Bureau Wins Prestigious International Award for Architectural Plan of ITMO Highpark

    The architectural bureau RTDA, which developed the general architectural plan for the ITMO Highpark innovations center, has won the prestigious A’ Design Award & Competition for their concept of the new ITMO University campus. A’ Design Award is an annual prize that recognizes the best projects on the concept stage, as well as prototypes and finished products already represented on the market. The award is conferred in over 100 nominations in the field of design.