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  • Inclusive Interfaces and Useful UX Tools: Overview of the VII International WUD@ITMO Conference

    Established in 2005, World Usability Day started a series of thematic events around the world meant to serve as a platform for specialists in human-computer interaction and UI/UX where they can exchange their knowledge, opinions, and cases. One of such events is the International WUD@ITMO Conference recently held for the seventh time at ITMO University. Read on to learn what topics the conference addressed, how inclusive interfaces are created, and what are the best design tools for UX professionals.


  • ITMO University Hosts METANANO 2021: Poster Sessions in Gather.Town and Even More International Participants

    METANANO is the only conference in Russia that focuses on nanophotonics and metamaterials. It is organized by ITMO’s School of Physics and Engineering and the Mediterranean Institute of Fundamental Physics and annually attracts hundreds of researchers from Europe, Asia, the USA, and Russia. Read on to learn what the conference was like this year and how it is different from classic scientific events.


  • International AR & VR Conference Wrap Up: Virtual Museums and Remakes of Soviet Games

    In mid-August, the Tochka Kipeniya (Boiling Point) platform based at St. Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation hosted the International Conference of Augmented and Virtual Reality Technologies in Creative Industries. The event was held within the cross-border cooperation program Interreg Baltic Sea Region 2014-2020.


  • History Reconstruction and Vitamin D Receptors: ITMO Lecturers on Their Reports at MCCMB 2021

    Moscow Conference on Computational Molecular Biology (MCCMB) is one of the largest international conferences on bioinformatics in Russia.


  • ITMO Associate Professor ‪Andrey Filchenkov on Why Robots Can’t Replace Doctors

    In July, Andrey Filchenkov delivered a talk on machine learning in medicine at a conference at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS talked to the researcher to learn more about what stands in the way of progress and why machines won’t be able to fully substitute for medical specialists.


  • Highlights from the International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science 2021

    The 10th International Young Scientists Conference in Computational Science (YSC) took place in early July at ITMO University. This year, the conference took place online and involved Master’s and PhD students from more than ten different countries. Read on to learn all about YSC’s topics, lecturers, and participants.


  • ITMO University to Participate in Art and Science Conference at International Cultural Forum

    ITMO’s Center of Social and Humanities Knowledge will co-organize a major conference dedicated to interdisciplinary approaches to art, modern digital tools, visual sciences, and other interactions between art and science. The conference will take place as part of the St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum in November 2021.


  • ITMO.OPEN: Educational Practices – Results of the Conference

    On May 24-25, ITMO University hosted a conference for lecturers and representatives of other universities during which the university’s staff shared their experience of building an innovative educational ecosystem and their colleagues – the best practices in that field. The participants discussed how to attract and hold students’ full attention, make work and studies truly convenient for everyone, employ gamification and personification in education, and work with rating agencies.


  • ITMO Hosts School for Young Scientists

    ITMO and Tomsk Polytechnic University organized a joint school for young scientists. It took place as part of the SEWAN-2021 international conference dedicated to the sustainable and effective use of energy, water and natural resources. Theoretical lectures were followed by workshops that aimed to reinforce the newly acquired knowledge.


  • SEWAN 2021 International Conference: How Pandemic Affects Energy Industry and Vaccine Storage Management

    ITMO University has held the third International Scientific Conference on Sustainable and Efficient Use of Energy, Water and Natural Resources SEWAN 2021, where the university acted as the organizer together with Tomsk Polytechnic University. At the conference, researchers discussed when the global fuel and power complex will return to pre-COVID metrics, how to maintain the temperature conditions for vaccine storage, and how to make houses more efficient.