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  • ITMO Fellow Fabio Bonsignorio and Professor Alexander Kapitonov: Research Reproducibility Will Generate a Sea Change in Our Economy

    Fabio Bonsignorio is one of the most prominent researchers in the field of biorobotics and technologies of the future. He is also a participant of the ITMO Fellowship program. Together with Alexander Kapitonov, associate professor at the Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics, the scientist works on a range of projects on research reproducibility and openness, using blockchain technologies for communication between automated systems, and other fields. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the two researchers to find out how blockchain and robots can change the industry, what is research reproducibility and why it is important.


  • Datathon on Texts Annotation: How Programmers and Humanities Specialists Analyze Texts

    This past weekend, ITMO University held the first ever datathon on texts annotation. Over 80 participants from different fields, from programming to humanities, competed to solve the tasks on the linguistic annotation of historical and culturological sources. The datathon came hand in hand with an extensive educational program presented by educators of the seminar on natural language processing organized by ITMO together with Huawei. In their presentations, they focused on topical tasks of the applied artificial intelligence and modern trends in the field of natural language processing. Here’s more about the datathon.


  • Coining It: ITMO University and Bank Saint Petersburg Develop Ways to Forecast Clients Spending Patterns

    Last week, Higher School of Economics’s St. Petersburg campus hosted the 10th International Conference on Social Informatics, or SocInfo 2018 for short. The multidisciplinary event is an annual get-together for experts from different countries and fields, gathering to discuss their experiences of using information technologies to study social phenomena. One of this year’s conference speakers hails from ITMO University: Danila Vaganov, a second-year Master’s student at the High-Performance Computing Department and research associate at the eScience Research Institute, presented ITMO’s joint project with Bank Saint Petersburg. Its aim is to forecast the purchases the bank’s clients make through analyzing their financial and social data. 


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