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  • AI Plus Chemistry: Lab Robots, Drug Development and More

    As science grows more complex, successful researchers have to rely on more than experiments and calculations: AI is quickly becoming indispensable. Predicting the properties of molecules and materials for drug delivery, synthesizing compounds with set properties, and developing new materials – these are just a few of the tasks flawlessly accomplished by AI. For this article, we turned to ITMO’s Nikita Serov, an engineer at the Center for Artificial Intelligence in Chemistry, to talk about the doors opened by AI in natural sciences.


  • ITMO Scientists and Mariinskaya Hospital Specialists Are Developing a New Thrombolytic Drug

    ITMO University’s international research center SCAMT, together with specialists from the Mariinskaya Hospital, continues to work on a new thrombolytic drug. Based on the results of preliminary tests, magnetically controlled particles can break down blood clots significantly more effectively than the drugs currently used. In 2018, the treatment underwent preclinical tests. ITMO.NEWS met SCAMT head Vladimir Vinogradov and Ivan Dudanov, head of the Regional Vascular Center, operating surgeon at the Mariinskaya Hospital and professor, to learn about the tests that await the new drug, what’s needed to be done to introduce it to the market and when this could happen.


  • University of South Carolina Professor on Development of Anticancer Drugs

    Last week, ITMO University’s international research center SCAMT hosted a lecture by the leading scientist in the field of anticancer drugs, Professor at the Department of Drug Discovery and Biomedical Sciences of the University of South Carolina (the US), Igor Roninson. Dr. Roninson spoke about the main pillars of creating new drugs and answered the topical question of why they take such a long time in developing. ITMO.NEWS put down the key points of the presentation.