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  • Different Volunteering, Eco Camps and Fresh Perspective on Things: Belgian Gloria Sagaradze on Interning at ITMO

    Belgian Gloria Sagaradze came to Russia to do a three-month internship at ITMO University’s Student Initiatives Development Office. Among the projects she worked on were collaborating with the organizers of the international ecological camp Ecological Raids held at ITMO’s sports and recreation center Yagodnoye, helping Nigerian students develop an events plan for their student club, and mastering student project management. ITMO.NEWS met Gloria to talk about the difference between volunteering in Russia and Belgium and the valuable lessons she learnt from traveling.


  • ITMO Student on Management, Branding, and Working with Gucci

    How to juggle university studies and a modelling career? ITMO student Maria Igoshina knows the answer, as she successfully combines studying management at ITMO with modelling for Gucci, traveling to Europe for fashion shows, and developing St. Petersburg brand Lokis. She told ITMO.NEWS about the power of Instagram, Fashion Tech, and juggling two jobs.


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