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  • ITMO Graduates Featured in Forbes' 30 Under 30 Ranking

    30 Under 30, a new annual ranking by Forbes Russia, has recently been published. Compiled by experts, this is a roll call of young visionaries aged under 30 years old and already enjoying national or international recognition among their professional community. The final shortlist of ten best-of-the-bests includes an ITMO University graduate, founder of the Motorica company Ilya Chekh, while the top-100 touts Artur Gleim, CEO of ITMO’s small innovative enterprise “Quantum Communications”.


  • Forbes Science and Technology Editor on Communicating Research

    Sometimes, scientists believe that communicating with journalists is a waste of time, as their article has already been published in a high-ranking journal, and this means that everyone will learn of it. According to Alexander Baulin, Science and Technology Editor at Forbes, such an approach doesn't always work. During a lecture that took place as part of the "It's Your Call!" winter school organized by ITMO and Sberbank, he spoke about why scientists have to explain their discoveries to the media and what are the proper ways of communicating with journalists. ITMO.NEWS put down the main ideas.


  • ITMO Named in Top-10 of Forbes Ranking

    Forbes Russia released its first ranking of Russian universities that assess the quality of education in  Russia, and projects which higher education establishments train those who will come to be included in its listings of successful entrepreneurs and members of the "political elite". ITMO University was placed 7th, becoming St. Petersburg's only university in the top-10.


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