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  • Student Spotlight: Muhammad Hassan Azad, Bangladesh

    ITMO students lead by example. However difficult the road might seem, they don’t give up! The dream of studying abroad was not an easy one to chase for Muhammad Hasan, an international student from Bangladesh, but quitting was never an option. Eventually, he made it to ITMO to study software engineering and fulfill his wish of becoming a developer. But why Russia? How did he come across ITMO? Read on to find out.


  • Mind-Blowing Research of the Month: Speaking Multiple Languages – Hot or Not?

    Have you ever considered speaking two or even more languages a superpower? Or maybe you would rather call it a burden? If you’ve ever wondered what science has to say on the effects of speaking multiple languages fluently, you are in luck – today we will look into the pros and cons of being multilingual.


  • Arizona University Expert: Why People Don’t Want to Learn Foreign Languages

    People all over the world are still reluctant to learn new languages – even English, which is commonly seen as the new global language. We spoke about this topic with Robert Cote, Director of the Writing Skills Improvement Program at the University of Arizona, who came to ITMO University for the ESP Conference. Robert explained why no one can ever fully learn a language, why it’s important to start soon and why language learning can never work without tutors and group work.