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  • Geek Picnic Online: Lectures in Minecraft, Discussions Galore, and a Virtual Party on Mars

    Geek Picnic is one of Russia’s largest open-air festivals dedicated to science, technologies and geek culture. The event brings together key figures of the Russian and international popular science scene, as well as scientists and experts from completely different fields: from psychology and pedagogy to media art and quantum physics.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: August 18-19

    This week’s highlight is undoubtedly the Geek Picnic festival, one of summer’s biggest events for all pop-culture, sci-fi and science lovers. But even if that’s not your thing, there’s plenty more to do and see. Here are the highlights of this weekend in St. Petersburg:


  • Second Day of Geek Picnic: Evolution, Rats and Superstition

    How do humans fare in isolation, why do some believe in the supernatural or even see faces on the surface of Mars? Why does one need to understand the theory of relativity and what is a neurotheatre? The Geek Picnic festival has come to an end. Thousands of guests had the opportunity to attend dozens of venues, hear stories and news from the fields of science, gaming and technology and meet famous scientists and science writers, program their own chameleon-lamp and build a custom rocket. Read on to find out more about the things one could see, hear, taste and touch on the festival’s closing day.


  • Geek Picnic-2017: Richard Dawkins, Cyborgs, VR and Psychological Experiments

    The first day of Geek Picnic, the largest European open air festival dedicated to popular science, modern technology, science and art included lectures on humanity's biological future and cybertechnologies, a presentation by Richard Dawkins, and ITMO University's interactive zone where anyone could immerse into modern science. By tradition, the festival was held on a weekend’; this year, it took place in the Pulkovo Park on the south of St. Petersburg.