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  • Discovery of the Month: Art World, Mobile Games, and More

    Every last Friday of the month, we look back on the past weeks to share our most enlightening, unexpected, and thrilling discoveries. From education to entertainment, these are the things that have made an impact on our everyday lives – and we believe they’ll do the same for you.


  • ITMO’s Monday Science Roundup #49

    If you’ve been wondering what scientific advances have been made at ITMO over the past two weeks, wonder no more! From major strides in medical research to identifying game addiction – and an ambitious science art exhibition – here are the key new moments in ITMO’s science life.


  • Quick Fix: Games for Productive Procrastination

    Is your attention span causing you trouble? Do you find yourself sneaking off for a round of Candy Crush when you’re supposed to be meeting deadlines? Procrastination can be a handful – and any effort to improve your concentration skills is certainly admirable. But avoiding it altogether is near-impossible; so, why not turn it to your advantage? With these games, you can slack off without feeling guilty: boost your cognitive skills, learn a language, discover new trivia, and become a touch-typing pro!


  • St. Petersburg’s First Esports Gaming Venue Opens at ITMO

    KronBars Arena is a state-of-the-art e-gaming location with powerful desktops, last-gen consoles, and a recording studio where prospective and current students, as well as employees, from ITMO and other universities can record podcasts and streaming videos, play computer games, and participate in esports tournaments.


  • How the Russian Gaming Market Reached New Levels During the Pandemic

    With the huge changes that were brought on by the pandemic, many people around the world found themselves stuck at home. This was the case for the Russians, too. Video games came to the rescue. So how exactly did COVID-19 influence the Russian gaming market?


  • ITMO and Almazov National Medical Research Centre Researchers Study The Effect of Gaming On the Human Brain

    Pavel Tikhonov and Mikhail Zubkov, researchers from ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering are working on a project that uses functional magnetic resonance imaging to study the brains of people who spend 20 to 30 hours a week gaming. The scientists hypothesize similarities between the brains of ardent gamers and people addicted to chemical substances. 


  • Old Video Games We Still Enjoy

    New games appear on the market every day but we believe it’s not a reason to forget the classics. Check out our list of some more than 15-year-old video games that are still worth playing.  


  • Games to Play Remotely Together

    When was the last time you had a fast and furious board game night with your friends? I bet the answer includes some good old excuses like a vicious circle of deadlines or self-isolation, which make it hardly possible to gather. Thus, why not throw an online party and play remotely? Before you declare that nothing beats the real-life experience of scrutinizing your opponents or blowing the dust off your favorite box, check out our recommendations on top online board games to brighten up your routine.


  • New Gaming Consoles: Learning From the Previous Generation

    In order to understand the pre-sale agitation surrounding the launch of the new consoles, we need to go back to 2013, when Xbox One and PS4 were at the beginning of their life cycle, just as Xbox Series X/S and PS5 are now. The thing is, such major companies as Microsoft and Sony do learn from their mistakes, since their mistakes are usually too costly to ignore. As a result, the marketing campaign you see surrounding the new consoles now is, in many ways, a product of this learning.


  • Your Guide to Gaming in Fall-Winter of 2020

    If this year’s many weeks of self-isolation haven’t already made you an adept of the gamepad and keyboard, then the fall-winter season surely will: the cold, long nights combined with a slew of anticipated releases and a whole new generation of consoles make for a potent mixture. Let’s go ahead and take a glance at all the things 2020 still has in store.