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  • Two ITMO University Graduates Among Top 50 Famous People in St. Petersburg According to Magazine, a magazine about urban life, has announced the results of its annual Top 50 Famous People in St. Petersburg. The list of this year’s laureates includes two ITMO University graduates, Ilya Chekh (nominated in the Science and Life category) and Daniel Galper (nominated in Business). In place since 2006, this is the first time that the award will celebrate its recipients online. 


  • ITMO University Graduate Stepan Rakitin on Making a Career in IT and Working at a Startup

    Stepan Rakitin graduated from ITMO’s Master’s program in Big Data and Machine Learning in 2018, and then spent two years working as a Java developer at the largest European startup in fintech. These days, he lives in Berlin and holds a job at an American platform for data science. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Stepan to ask him about making a career in IT, the unique features of studying at ITMO and the reasons for choosing a startup instead of a major corporation. 


  • Create Artificial Cold and Learn to Apply Cryogenic Technologies: Master’s Studies at ITMO’s Faculty of Cryogenic Engineering

    As part of their Master’s studies at ITMO University, the students of the Faculty of Cryogenic Engineering explore everything connected to cold, liquefied gas production, microclimate and renewable energy sources. Specialists in this field design refrigeration, cryogenic and life support systems. The eight Master’s programs offered cover everything from ultra-low temperatures to technosphere safety. Learn more about the specialized studies from the program heads and graduates in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO University Students and Graduates Create an Art Project at the Museum of Optics

    A Journey to the World of Optics is a creative collaboration between different generations and departments of ITMO University. In the year of the university’s anniversary, its students, graduates, and researchers created a video that expresses the values of ITMO, as well as its love for science and art.


  • “Best Choice I’ve Ever Made”: ITMO Graduate Kseniya Zavatskaya on Her Education and Career in Optics

    Kseniya Zavatskaya studied quantum electronics for her Bachelor’s, but never found a solid application for the knowledge she acquired. As a Master’s student at ITMO University, she discovered her future calling and found employment less than a month after graduation. Kseniya spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained why she chose applied optics, how her career has unfolded since, and what advice she would give to future engineers.


  • ITMO Graduate and UbiQD’s Senior Director of Physics Nikolay Makarov: A Scientist’s Interests Must Always Be In Flux

    Nikolay Makarov was a student at ITMO University in the late ‘90s to early ‘00s. In that time, his scientific interests shifted from programming to experimental physics. His work caught the attention of an American university, where he eventually got his PhD. Since then, Nikolay has lived in the US, having worked at various universities, research institutes, and even at the Los Alamos National Lab. Today, he works at UbiQD, a private manufacturer of quantum dots. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Nikolay and learned about his story, why young scientists don’t stick around for long at American universities, and the prospects of US-Russian scientific collaboration.


  • What It's Like to Get Your Master's in Photonics at ITMO University

    If IT is the industry of today, then photonics is the industry of the future. But why? And what Master's programs in this field does ITMO University offer its students? Where do its students build their careers? And why do students here do research from the very start? Find out in this illustrated series!


  • ITMO University Graduate Dmitry Vavulin on His Love for Physics, Science, and Working at Yandex

    Ever since his school years, Dmitry Vavulin wanted to become a physicist. He graduated from ITMO University’s School of Photonics, defended his PhD thesis. But after his PhD studies, he decided to transition from physics to IT and focus on applied work. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Dmitry talks about his physics research, academic competitions, student years, and working at Yandex. 


  • ITMO University Graduates Develop a Service for Career Guidance in IT

    Profimap is an online service for career guidance in the field of IT. Among its features are tests, analysis of soft skills, recommendations on specializations and educational institutions, as well as career advice. The service was created by ITMO University students Dmitry Pokidov and Veronika Petrukhina. Now there are six people on their team, including Nail Khabibulin, also an ITMO University graduate. Read on to learn about the idea behind Profimap and how it works.


  • ITMO's First Game Development Graduates on Russian GameDev and Their Careers

    Three years ago, the Master’s program in Game Development Technologies was launched at ITMO University. There are two specializations: Game Design and In-Game Technologies, which includes game engine development and artificial intelligence programming. During their studies, students of this program participated in creating applications for the 2019 Minsk European Games and WorldSkills Kazan 2019. Now, they work at major game development companies. We asked the first graduates to tell us about their career paths, and experience they gained at the university.