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  • ITMO Alumni Personal Profile: A Way to Keep in Touch With Your Alma Mater

    The 2019/20 academic year marks a landmark point in our University’s history as we celebrate ITMO’s 120th anniversary of founding. To commemorate this prominent date, a special platform has been established in order to bring all ITMO University alumni together and help them integrate into the life of the ITMO.Family community. With the use of this new personal profile, ITMO University graduates can solve a whole range of tasks, from signing up for various events held at the University to participation in the University’s loyalty program. Read on to learn all about it.


  • ITMO Graduate Ilya Chekh Named Russian Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young

    ITMO University graduate Ilya Chekh was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Russia by a prominent international audit and consulting company Ernst & Young (EY). Founded six years ago, Ilya’s company Motorica annually provides over 500 people with modern bionic limb prostheses and is gearing up to enter the Asian market. ITMO.NEWS reached out to the entrepreneur to find out what yielded them this prestigious award and how people’s perceptions of prostheses have changed over recent years.


  • ITMO Graduate and Evapolar Engineer Alexander Klyavinsh: University Is Crucial Time to Figure Out What You Want to Do in Life

    Five years ago, Alexander Klyavinsh graduated from ITMO University’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. In the course of his studies, he worked as an engineer at a large design bureau but opted to build a career at a startup instead. As part of the team of Evapolar, which even at the start of its operation managed to collect over 100,000 dollars on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Alexander partook in the development of a fundamentally new product; at that point in time, no company on the market offered personal portable air conditioners. ITMO.NEWS met Alexander to talk about the advantages of working for a startup and why today’s engineers need to learn the ropes of business processes.


  • Quests, Gamification and Simulators: ITMO Graduate Maksim Ivanov on New Education Formats

    ITMO alum Maksim Ivanov graduated with not one but two majors. His Specialist major focused on the field of information security, while his Master’s one was in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Development of Innovations”. Now, Maksim cooperates with his alma mater, creating unique educational projects from student courses to professional development programs for ITMO partners. In parallel, he runs commercial projects as part of his own business. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Maksim Ivanov shares how he, a former Mister ITMO and student of the university’s Military Department, found his calling in the creation of educational programs.


  • ITMO Graduates on Education in Russia and Finland, Running a Business and Being Expats

    Zlata and Lev Stipakovs did their studies at ITMO University’s then-Faculty of Fine Mechanics and Technologies. After graduating, they tried their hand at working at various national research centers and commercial companies, and, with Lev landing a job in Finland in 2009, the family relocated there. Unlike her spouse, Zlata decided to change her profession, learned Finnish and obtained a second higher education degree onsite in Finland. As of now, both Lev and Zlata run their own small businesses. They told ITMO.NEWS about how their careers came about after the move, how Finnish life and education differ from that in Russia, and what aspects today’s students should pay special attention to.


  • Intergenerational Teamwork: ITMO University Introduces a New Mentorship Program

    Mentorship is one of the most effective ways of transferring knowledge from an experienced professional to a beginning specialist. Many a successful entrepreneur have in their time sought advice from mentors, which had a positive impact on them and their projects. This fall, ITMO’s Alumni Relations Center is launching a new mentorship program which will allow students to find mentors and receive valuable advice related to their professional future. Learn more on the program in this article by ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO Accelerator: New Formats and How to Participate

    For three years now, ITMO University’s entrepreneurship and innovation infrastructure includes a business accelerator. This is a model of early-stage support for businesses created by ITMO students which implies intensive development of a project in the shortest period of time possible. Starting from the new academic year, the accelerator has changed its structure and expanded on the formats of its interaction with the students. It can now offer its services to those who don’t yet have a clear-cut idea for their project. The accelerator staff note that the new programs give all participants the opportunity to fast-track their way to new practical knowledge and skills. Applications are already open. ITMO.NEWS have spoken to Alexey Solomatin, the new head of the accelerator, ITMO University alum and top manager at the international company ThingLink, to find out more about the revamped business program.


  • Graduation Party with a View: Fourth ITMO.Live Festival Celebrated at Peter and Paul Fortress

    For the fourth year in a row, ITMO University students received their diplomas in the heart of the historic St. Petersburg, beside the walls of the Peter and Paul Fortress. For the second year in a row, the celebration united graduates of all levels: Bachelor’s, Master’s and specialist studies. By tradition, the grandiose festival ITMO.Live was held on the first Saturday of July and open to any citizen or guest of St. Petersburg and friend of ITMO University wishing to attend. Graduates with the most successes got their diplomas from the hands of ITMO University rector Vladimir Vasilyev. The venue of the open-air included a range of interactive zones featuring a faux marriage registry, innovative ice-cream, photo ops and board game areas. A total of more than 4,000 people came to ITMO University’s graduation party this year. 


  • ITMO Graduate and Business Coach Marianna Krel: When Working With People, Trust Comes Above All Else

    Marianna Krel graduated with honors from ITMO University in 2006. Having started out as a software engineer at OpenWayGroup after her graduation, she soon became a project lead and continued her education at a number of business schools and worked with a variety of companies, including France Telecom, PwC, and ROSATOM. Today, she is a business consultant on organizational adjustment projects and project management, an MBA lecturer at RANEPA, and an assessor of the Russian government’s Project Olympus contest. Ms. Krel was named among Delovoy Peterburg’s list of St. Petersburg Most Influential Women. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, she discussed the importance of technical education for managers, the benefits of being multilingual, and the best way to launch one’s project.


  • Researcher from University College London on Building a Career Abroad and Networking

    Daniil Nikitichev, a graduate of ITMO’s Faculty of Laser and Light Engineering, has been living and doing research in the UK for the past 12 years. His current work at the Department of Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering of University College London (Top 7 in the QS World Rankings) is dedicated to developing a 3D printer that would be able to print soft models for training medical specialists. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the researcher shares about the importance of networking and his career path, as well as recollects what it was like to move to another country.


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