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  • ITMO Grad and AI Factory Co-Founder Greg Tkachenko: Startups Are the Cure for Burnout

    Greg Tkachenko graduated with a Master's degree from ITMO University's Information Technologies and Programming Faculty in 2017, but he achieved his first professional successes while still a student. As a second-year student, Greg, along with a few other students of the Computer Technologies Department, was invited to take part in an internship at Yandex, where he spent almost two and a half years. Then, he received offers from Group and Facebook, which he turned down to work on the startup AI Factory, which he co-founded with Alexander Mashrabov and Victor Shaburov. In December 2019, the company was acquired by Snapchat’s parent company Snap for $166 million. Greg Tkachenko sat down for a chat with ITMO.NEWS and told us where to find ideas for your tech startup and how to deal with failure.


  • Author and Musician Viacheslav Kovalev on Dreams, Music, Engineering Skills and Business

    Having been a student at ITMO University in the ‘80s, Viacheslav Kovalev still remembers the atmosphere of that time. Since then, he has built a career as a musician and is now a coordinator of LADЫ sound cafe, designed to support young music bands. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he shares his experiences of how he started his career as a musician, opened St. Petersburg’s first and only sound cafe and why he still keeps in touch with ITMO after so many years.


  • Daniil Sharov on Being a Physicist and a Science Communicator

    Daniil Sharov received his Bachelor’s degree as a teacher of physics, but decided to continue his studies after graduation and got into ITMO’s Master’s program in science communication. These days, he is working at ITMO University’s Museum of Optics, teaching at ITMO.KIDS while also developing a system for evaluating the efficiency of exhibitions at science museums. Read on to learn how Daniil manages to combine his research with doing PR in science, while also succeeding at both teaching and doing his own studies. 


  • ITMO Graduate Elena Ushakova on Scientific Career, Research Projects and Working in Hong Kong

    A graduate of ITMO University’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information, Elena Ushakova has been working at the university for over ten years. However, in the last year, along with being a lecturer and research associate at ITMO, Elena is doing research and giving lectures at the City University of Hong Kong (CityU). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, she talks about the research she has been working on lately, as well as the elements that make a scientist’s career.


  • Geek Teachers: ITMO University Graduate’s Project for Training School Teachers in New Technologies

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2014, Maria Plotkina worked as a designer and, later, as a school teacher.  Over a year ago, together with her colleague, she established the project “Geek Teachers”, designed to reconcile the traditional school system with groundbreaking educational technologies. ITMO.NEWS met Maria to find out about her time at ITMO, her exciting work experience and projects, and why informal festivals in the glitter-loaded party format can make the education process at schools more open.


  • Wikipedia Is Not an Ivory Tower: ITMO Graduate On Working For The ‘Net’s Greatest Encyclopedia

    Anna Biryukova graduated from ITMO’s Science Communication Master’s program in 2018. She now works at the Polytechnic Museum in Moscow and is one of the co-founders of, a digital agency, where she curates media projects, develops communication strategies and does research for Wikipedia. Read on to find out more about Anna’s path to science communication, the challenges she encounters in her work, and the reasons why you should learn to use Wikipedia. 


  • Medical Journalist Elizaveta Babitskaya on Being an Informed Patient in Russia

    Having received her Bachelor’s degree in the field of quality management, ITMO University graduate Elizaveta Babitskaya decided to dramatically change her career and enrolled in ITMO University’s Master’s program in science communication. Elizaveta is now working as a medical journalist at the SeverGroup Medicine company, as well as collaborating with the Meduza magazine. Apart from that, she is the co-author of Profilaktika.Media project dedicated to cancer prevention. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Elizaveta shares about what working as a medical journalist is like today and how to become an informed patient in Russia.


  • Lift-Off Festival: Rock Bands of ITMO Students and Graduates Cross Guitars for the Prize

    ITMO University’s 120th anniversary year is the time to celebrate not only its scientific and educational achievements but also the potential of its students and graduates, including in the fields of sport, creativity and music. Over the years, lots of bands have been formed at ITMO, and this is why the coordinators of the anniversary events program decided to organize the Lift-Off rock music festival. Read on to learn how it all happened!


  • ITMO Alumni Personal Profile: A Way to Keep in Touch With Your Alma Mater

    The 2019/20 academic year marks a landmark point in our University’s history as we celebrate ITMO’s 120th anniversary of founding. To commemorate this prominent date, a special platform has been established in order to bring all ITMO University alumni together and help them integrate into the life of the ITMO.Family community. With the use of this new personal profile, ITMO University graduates can solve a whole range of tasks, from signing up for various events held at the University to participation in the University’s loyalty program. Read on to learn all about it.


  • ITMO Graduate Ilya Chekh Named Russian Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young

    ITMO University graduate Ilya Chekh was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” in Russia by a prominent international audit and consulting company Ernst & Young (EY). Founded six years ago, Ilya’s company Motorica annually provides over 500 people with modern bionic limb prostheses and is gearing up to enter the Asian market. ITMO.NEWS reached out to the entrepreneur to find out what yielded them this prestigious award and how people’s perceptions of prostheses have changed over recent years.


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