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  • Winner of Leaders of Russia Competition Alexey Schekoldin on Lifelong Learning and Sharing Knowledge

    Alexey Schekoldin illustrates the concept of lifelong learning by example: his Bachelor’s degree was in electrical engineering, his Master’s – in management, and his PhD – in technical systems management. Now, he is developing Sferum, a service by VK, constantly learning new things, and has recently won the national competition Leaders of Russia, earning a million-ruble prize. In this interview, he shares how learning helped him launch several major projects, what he believes is the power of networking, and why he still cherishes his experiences at ITMO.


  • To ITMO and Beyond: International Graduates Share Their Plans

    Is there a life after graduation? We believe there’s a whole new world ahead: challenging, yet exciting and full of opportunities. We asked our 2023 grads about their next moves and how skills gained at ITMO help them beyond studies. Enjoy their diverse stories!


  • 2023 Startups as Theses: Smart Home for the Impaired, Agrotech and More

    This year, a record-breaking 104 students from 11 faculties defended their startups as thesis – using the opportunity first offered by ITMO in 2019. Among their projects are a smart home for people with disabilities, financial courses for kids, and several agrotech startups – read on to learn more.


  • ITMO Graduates Set to Receive First-Ever NFT Diplomas From VK

    Along with their digital diplomas, ITMO University’s graduates of 2023 will also receive unique tokens for the social network VK. These NFTs will serve as further proof of their degrees and acquired competencies. In the future, graduates will also be able to upload these tokens into job-seeking services as part of their CV.


  • ITMO Alumni and Employee Among St. Petersburg’s Top Graduates of 2023

    An annual awards ceremony to acknowledge the most distinguished graduates of St. Petersburg was held today, on June 28, at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Among this year’s best is Andrey Suvorov, a graduate of ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies, who was awarded a bronze sphinx statuette, which symbolizes wisdom, intelligence, and perseverance.


  • Startup by ITMO Alumni Attracts $900,000 in Investments

    Forbes Russia reports: WeGoTrip, an audio tour service founded by ITMO alumni, attracted $900,000 in investments from Joint Journey foundation, Tripster app for travellers, and an anonymous founder of a unicorn startup from Silicon Valley.


  • Enrolling As an ITMO Star: A Wealth of Opportunities

    Four years ago, ITMO University launched ITMO.STARS, a unique initiative that allows applicants to enroll at the university based on their personal accomplishments. Several dozens of gifted students entered the university as ITMO.STARS since – and this year the first cohort of them is graduating with their Bachelor’s degrees. In this special series, we present seven stories of these first graduates, who share how taking part in ITMO.STARS changed their lives, what projects they are implementing at the university, and what they are dreaming of next.


  • ITMO Graduate Asya Kaplan Shares Science Art Insights

    Having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in soil science from St. Petersburg State University, Asya Kaplan made a radical career change and joined ITMO’s Art & Science Master’s program. During her studies, she successfully organized several exhibitions and is now a curator at ITMO’s Art & Science Center. How does one create a science art exhibition and why is this artform gaining in popularity? Read on to find out. 


  • ITMO Graduate Alexandra Zavorovskaya On Finding Her Path in UX Design and Teaching Through Practice

    ITMO isn't just a place where you can learn, but also a place to share your knowledge with others. For instance, the DesArm student club for design enthusiasts hosts free workshops and other educational events. Recently, ITMO graduate and lead designer Alexandra Zavorovskaya has launched her own workshop at the club. In this interview, we talk about Alexandra’s path in the field of design, the essential qualities of amateur designers, and  her experience of teaching design through practice.


  • ITMO Is About Endless Opportunities: The University Hosts Its Annual ITMO.LiVE Graduation Party

    This year, as per tradition, the ITMO.LiVE graduation party took place at the Peter and Paul Fortress in the very heart of St. Petersburg. Graduating students were awarded state-recognized diplomas, forty of them receiving brand new ITMO Diplomas, too. Here is what happened at the event and what the recent graduates think about their time at ITMO.