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  • Yandex Launches Voice-Over Translation Using Neural Networks

    On September 7, Yandex presented a new tool – automatized voice-over translation of English videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and other websites into Russian. It’s available through Yandex.Browser, which allows it to work with videos posted on any website.  


  • ITMO’s Best Graduation Papers 2021: Big Data, Biotech, and More

    This year, 12 Bachelor’s and Master’s graduates won ITMO’s annual competition for the best thesis. 


  • ITMO Graduate Alexey Ivanov on Life and Work in Silicon Valley

    Having moved to the United States ten years ago, Alexey Ivanov is now a principal engineer at Dropbox. ITMO.NEWS talked to the ITMO graduate to learn more about what difficulties he faced when moving to a new country, how much IT specialists earn in Silicon Valley, and how different business cultures in Russia and abroad are.


  • Bioengineering Graduates on Studying at ITMO

    Biology and nanophotonics, bioinformatics and ecology, chemistry and instrumentation – what could all these fields have in common, you might ask. Despite all the differences, they make a perfect combo at ITMO’s Center for Chemical Engineering.


  • Top Graduate Ekaterina Smelaya: ITMO Always Has Your Back

    Ekaterina Smelaya has just graduated from the Master’s program Science Communication. In this interview, she talks about enrolling at ITMO, why there's always more to learn in math, and how the university taught her to be a podcaster. 


  • Top Graduate Mikhail Kolesnikov: Living Life to the Full as a Student

    Mikhail Kolesnikov is a technology enthusiast and inventor, who graduated from the Master’s program Digital Transformation Strategies and Technologies. In this interview, he shares how he started turning his house into a smart home while still at school, why he chose ITMO, and how he founded his own company.


  • SingleStore Founder Nikita Shamgunov on How to Launch a Startup

    Nikita Shamgunov, the founder of the SingleStore company and an ITMO University graduate, gave a lecture on building a startup and collaboration with aspiring entrepreneurs at the ITMO Preaccelerator’s Demo Day.


  • ITMO Graduate Grigory Klyushnikov Develops Clubhouse Client for Android in One Day

    Grigory Klyushnikov, a programmer from St. Petersburg, VK app developer, and ITMO graduate, has created an app client that allows users to join the Clubhouse social media app using Android devices. ITMO.NEWS met with Grigory Klyushnikov to learn more about why he decided to develop his own app, how he managed to do it in one day, and whether he plans to monetize this project. 


  • How to Organize Teamwork and Avoid Conflicts: Tips by an ITMO Graduate

    As part of the Creating a Technology Business course, Viktor Viktorov, an ITMO graduate and a development director of the Crystal Service Integration company, shared his experience in managing both small and large teams.


  • From Graduates to Students: New Internship Opportunities

    The travel tech company founded by ITMO graduates invites students to experience a new internship format and try their hand at starting a project from scratch with the help of qualified mentors.