WeGoTrip was founded in 2019 by ITMO graduates Alexander Golovatyi, Stanislav Petryakov, and Kirill Chernakov. According to Alexander Golovatyi, their startup was the first in the world to offer its users tours and museum tickets on a single app screen. Over 36,000 tourists have availed of the app over the course of its presence on the market, with over 5,000 monthly users. The platform now offers 600 tours in over 200 cities in Europe, Asia, Russia, and Africa, and in the future the team is planning to increase the number of available tours tenfold.

“We are already present on the majority of markets and we will be expanding this presence. Our goal for the next two years is to launch 6,000 tours in five languages: Spanish, German, French, Italian, and Dutch, as well as launch new services, such as car rental, skydiving, and safari,” shared Alexander Golovatyi. 

The $900,000 is far from the company’s first investments: in 2020, WeGoTrip won $15,000 from Bank of Georgia through the 500Georgia acceleration program, and in 2021, private business angels invested $220,000 in the startup.