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  • Startup by ITMO Alumni Attracts $900,000 in Investments

    Forbes Russia reports: WeGoTrip, an audio tour service founded by ITMO alumni, attracted $900,000 in investments from Joint Journey foundation, Tripster app for travellers, and an anonymous founder of a unicorn startup from Silicon Valley.


  • Bringing a Young Russian Startup to USA Step-by-Step: Advice & Lifehacks from Investor Mikhail Gavrilov

    ITMO Accelerator hosted a talk by Mikhail Gavrilov, vice president of Bank St. Petersburg, an investor, and founder of Fantasy Invest. He gave advice on how to find American investors and explained why startupers need Reddit. Read on for the main outtakes. 


  • ScanFace Startup: Reading Faces, Going Places

    The project ScanFace, a resident of ITMO University’s Pre-Accelerator program, specializes in face-based psychodiagnostics. They can give an exact identification of what kind of impression you make on others, what aspect of yourself – the shape of your eyebrows or nose – hinder you from getting a promotion and building a stable relationship. Not very long ago, the startup secured an investment to develop in the B2B segment. ITMO.NEWS spoke to its head Filipp Zhuchkov to find out how the project works and plans to develop going forward. 


  • ITMO University and United Investors Syndicate Launch a Joint Program Univest

    ITMO University and the investment platform United Investors launch Univest, a joint national program for angel and venture investment into hi-tech projects of Russian universities.


  • ITMO University and Huawei Discuss Advancement of Scientific Cooperation and Joint Development of Startups

    For several years now, ITMO University and the company Huawei have been cooperating on scientific research and organization of internships for the university’s staff and students. However, the partners see opportunities for expanding this cooperation in a number of fields, including the training of talents, support of ITMO University’s research, development of startups and integration of technologies created at the university into the company’s products. The administration of ITMO has recently met with the representatives of the company to discuss these promising prospects. 


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Cerevrum Receives Its Second Million-Dollar Investment

    In 2016 the company Cerevrum Inc, which creates VR-based educational content for the corporate sector, attracted one million USD in investments from the co-founder of Oculus. Three years later, the company has now been granted another million by the Russian venture firm LETA Capital. A year earlier, Cerevrum became a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark; just recently, the company bought out its 7% share from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). We’ve previously written about the project in detail here. Read on to learn how Cerevrum earned the investment and what it means for the company’s future.


  • Jeffrey Donenfeld On How Russian Startups Can Enter US Market

    Jeffrey Donenfeld, Investment Manager at Boomtown Accelerator, gave an open lecture in St. Petersburg as a part of the Professional Fellows international program. He talked about why it is important to gain support of American advisers, develop your business skills and protect your IP.


  • VelVet: How to Invest in Your Favorite Places and Make Money

    We all love discounts. But we love deep discounts and useful bonuses even more. Anatoly Belichenko, a master’s student at the Department of Tech Management and Innovations, founded VelVet to allow users to invest in the places they patron daily. In return, the investors will get big discounts and way to monetize them. Now Anatoly is preparing VelVet for Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise $10 million and is also working on his thesis on the marketing mechanisms to achieve that goal. 


  • ITMO to Receive 2 Million Rubles For Endowment Fund Development

    ITMO University will receive two million rubles for the development of its endowment fund from Russian entrepreneur Vladimir Potanin. An endowment fund is a common source of funding for infrastructure, research, professors, students and postgraduates. This is not a common practice in Russia, but still, several contemporary university development funds are making use of it.