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  • Veeam’s Vladimir Eremin: ITMO Graduate’s Journey From Junior Analyst to Team Lead

    ITMO alumnus Vladimir Eremin is the head of a product management team at Veeam. His colleagues and he provide data backup services to major corporate clients. In five years, Vladimir’s career has taken him from junior analyst to the head of his own division. Speaking to ITMO.NEWS, he shares which of his university classes have paid off the most, how to find your calling, and how to act right at a job interview in the IT industry.


  • Interactive Games, Drones, and Thousands of Participants: ITMO.GO Celebration for First-Year Students in Review

    On August 31, to mark the start of a new academic year, ITMO University hosted ITMO.GO, a large-scale celebration that brought together students, lecturers, staff, graduates, partners and friends of ITMO. During the event, over 4,000 first-year students of Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD programs were officially welcomed into ITMO.FAMILY. At the celebration, they had an opportunity to learn more about the first days of their studies, take a fun photo with an A+ gradebook for luck, and also play chess, do some rowing or have a go at table hockey. Apart from that, the festivity marked the start of ITMO University’s 120th anniversary year celebrations, opened by Rector Vladimir Vasilyev. 


  • Head of RN-Burenie Oil Company’s IT Department: Every Bit of Fundamental Knowledge I Have, I Learned at University

    In the early 2000s, Alexander Shevtsov enrolled at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty. In his third year, he paired up with a fellow student to start his first business; after his graduation, he developed projects in telecommunications; today, he is the head of the IT department at RN-Burenie, one of Rosneft’s key subsidiaries. Alexander spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his student years in turbulent times, working IT in the fuel and energy industry, and the value of higher education.


  • How to Become Successful: Tips From Boris Solopov, CEO of Opticom St. Petersburg

    Who defines the criteria of success? How to set priorities so you can manage your time and attain your goals? Boris Solopov, CEO of Opticom St. Petersburg and ITMO University graduate, expanded on different motivational issues during the "Success: travel notes" open lecture at ITMO's Entrepreneurship Center. ITMO.NEWS put down his advice and recommendations.


  • ITMO Graduates Reflect on True Value of Education

    Occupational work doesn’t necessarily mean working in the very field the student has been trained for. Today, showing graduates how to apply their competencies is amongst the most important tasks for every university. Graduates Alexey and Andrei Kiselev believe that this is especially relevant in case of ITMO University, which trains its students to be able to apply their knowledge in practically any field. The two of them didn’t build their careers in the field they’ve been trained for in a traditional sense, but rather made the most of the skills they got at the university. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, they shared their opinion on the widespread cliche of “occupational work”, and how quality education can help you build a unique career path.


  • The Best Birthday Present

    On March 26, ITMO University turned 118. One of the best presents was from its alum Yuri Luzhkov, who gave the university the domain name The transfer was managed by ITMO University Alumni Association and in part funded by ITMO Endowment Fund. As a student at the Department of Computational Technologies, Luzhkov created and developed an alternative, student portal. In the early 2000’s, before the rise of social networks, students could find study materials, share music and make friends at Here’s how the first student-driven site was created, what kind of content was popular 15 years ago and what current university sites should look like. 


  • ITMO Graduate Nadia Polikarpova on Working at MIT and UC San Diego

    Ten years ago, Nadezhda Polikarpova graduated from ITMO University; since that time, she got her PhD at ETH Zurich under the supervision of renowned software engineering expert Bertrand Meyer, worked as a postdoc at MIT and got the position of an Assistant Professor at UC San Diego. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, she talks about studying and working around the world and why students in California don’t mind professors who play in bands and come to work on a skateboard.


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