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  • Startup by ITMO Alumni Attracts $900,000 in Investments

    Forbes Russia reports: WeGoTrip, an audio tour service founded by ITMO alumni, attracted $900,000 in investments from Joint Journey foundation, Tripster app for travellers, and an anonymous founder of a unicorn startup from Silicon Valley.


  • Alumni Archive: Eleni Bouzouka, Greece

    Once a family, always a family – that is our philosophy! When you become a part of ITMO.Family, you always remain part of it regardless of where you go or what you do. This week, we caught up with one of our alumni from Greece to explore what she has been up to since she graduated with a Master’s degree in physics. Does she miss ITMO? Read on to find out.


  • Graduate Chronicle: Moustapha Nour, Djibouti

    In 2020, we talked to Moustapha about his aspirations and expectations of ITMO. Now he is a graduate of the class of 2022. How was his experience? Did he achieve all his goals? What’s next? Find it all out in today’s student spotlight.


  • New Possibilities for ITMO Alumni: Communication, University Loyalty Program and Mentorship

    You don’t have to cut all ties with your alma mater after graduation. There are so many ways to stay involved. Read on to learn what kind of opportunities there are for ITMO University graduates – and how you can use them. 


  • ITMO Resident LLS Company Develops Lab for Working with Laser and Optical Equipment

    At the laboratory, company’s staff and ITMO students can do research, testing, and assemble components and equipment. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the company’s founder and CEO Nikita Burov and the head of its engineering team Egor Serduk about its capabilities, results, and plans for the future.


  • ITMO Graduate Nikita Teplyakov on Working in Switzerland, Studying in the UK, and Breaking Stereotypes

    Nikita Teplyakov spoke to us about his path in science and explained how he managed to rack up 29 Scopus publications in six years as an ITMO student.


  • ITMO University’s Top Graduates of 2020 Share Their Success Stories

    We asked the winners of the Best Graduate 2020 contest from different fields of studies to talk about their accomplishments, inspiration, and plans for the future.


  • “Best Choice I’ve Ever Made”: ITMO Graduate Kseniya Zavatskaya on Her Education and Career in Optics

    Kseniya Zavatskaya studied quantum electronics for her Bachelor’s, but never found a solid application for the knowledge she acquired. As a Master’s student at ITMO University, she discovered her future calling and found employment less than a month after graduation. Kseniya spoke to ITMO.NEWS and explained why she chose applied optics, how her career has unfolded since, and what advice she would give to future engineers.


  • ITMO Graduate and UbiQD’s Senior Director of Physics Nikolay Makarov: A Scientist’s Interests Must Always Be In Flux

    Nikolay Makarov was a student at ITMO University in the late ‘90s to early ‘00s. In that time, his scientific interests shifted from programming to experimental physics. His work caught the attention of an American university, where he eventually got his PhD. Since then, Nikolay has lived in the US, having worked at various universities, research institutes, and even at the Los Alamos National Lab. Today, he works at UbiQD, a private manufacturer of quantum dots. ITMO.NEWS got in touch with Nikolay and learned about his story, why young scientists don’t stick around for long at American universities, and the prospects of US-Russian scientific collaboration.


  • What It's Like to Get Your Master's in Photonics at ITMO University

    If IT is the industry of today, then photonics is the industry of the future. But why? And what Master's programs in this field does ITMO University offer its students? Where do its students build their careers? And why do students here do research from the very start? Find out in this illustrated series!