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  • To ITMO and Beyond: International Graduates Share Their Plans

    Is there a life after graduation? We believe there’s a whole new world ahead: challenging, yet exciting and full of opportunities. We asked our 2023 grads about their next moves and how skills gained at ITMO help them beyond studies. Enjoy their diverse stories!


  • ITMO.LiVE-2023: Graduates Share Impressions

    Stand-up comedy, music, sports, wheel of fortune, and NFTs: the ITMO.LiVe graduation ceremony took place on Yelagin Island this July 8. What memories will this year's graduates cherish for the rest of their lives? Read on to find out.


  • ITMO Graduates to Receive Digital Diplomas and Personalized NFTs

    This year, students graduating from ITMO University will receive digital diplomas to complement their state-issued ones. Meant to help students stand out from among other job candidates, these digital diplomas describe the practical experience and competencies gained by students during their time at ITMO. The best graduates of 2023 will also receive personalized NFTs. 


  • Graduate Chronicle: Moustapha Nour, Djibouti

    In 2020, we talked to Moustapha about his aspirations and expectations of ITMO. Now he is a graduate of the class of 2022. How was his experience? Did he achieve all his goals? What’s next? Find it all out in today’s student spotlight.


  • ITMO Introduces Diplomas for Achievements in Extracurricular Activities

    This year’s ITMO graduates will be awarded diplomas not only for their academic but also individual accomplishments. The new document will feature students’ achievements and competencies, making them stand out among other candidates when applying for a job or a Master’s program. How did this initiative come along and what do students think of it? Keep reading to find out.


  • ITMO.LiVE 2021 Returns to Its Roots

    ITMO’s team did everything in its power to revive the beloved graduation tradition for classes of 2020 and 2021 after a two-year break. In light of the current epidemiological situation, the entertainment part of the program was canceled. Yet all graduates still got the chance to receive their diplomas from the deans and hear the Rector’s speech in person.


  • ITMO Student and Employee Anna Voloshina Named Among St. Petersburg’s Top Graduates 2021

    The annual awards ceremony in honor of St. Petersburg’s best graduates was recently held at the Peter and Paul Fortress. Among the top graduates was Anna Voloshina who completed her Master’s degree at ITMO’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations and is also an employee at ITMO’s Strategic Communications Department.


  • ITMO.LiVE 2021: The Show Will Go On!

    The ITMO University team has done everything in its power to preserve the event format that’s so familiar and loved by our graduates. And we’ve succeeded! The diploma ceremony will take place at the Peter and Paul Fortress – a place we’ve missed since we were last there two years ago.


  • How ITMO University Celebrated Its First-Ever Online Graduation Event

    In 2020, more than 2,900 students graduated from ITMO University; meanwhile, the traditional ITMO.LiVE event went online for the first time in its history. Even those who had already gone back to their hometowns and home countries enjoyed the chance to join the celebration.


  • ITMO University’s Top Graduates of 2020 Share Their Success Stories

    We asked the winners of the Best Graduate 2020 contest from different fields of studies to talk about their accomplishments, inspiration, and plans for the future.