In light of the current epidemiological situation, we can only conduct ITMO.LiVE under certain conditions. We’ll be canceling the entertainment segment of the event program and we’ll also ask you to be mindful of all safety measures and requests made by event staff: please come on your assigned time, use personal protective equipment, and maintain social distance. In addition, only graduates themselves will be able to attend the event. Unfortunately, this year you won’t be able to invite your relatives and friends along.

But the most important part of the event is here to stay: you’ll receive your diplomas from the deans and get to take once-in-a-lifetime pictures at one of the city’s most beautiful spots. The event will take place from 11 AM till 6 PM; a detailed schedule will be published soon on and on the university’s social media pages.

We can’t wait to see your wonderful smiles (and masks)!

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