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  • New Diagnostic System for Helicobacter pylori Detection Suggested at ITMO

    Scientists from the Research Laboratory for Spectroscopy of Biological Objects have come up with a new diagnostics system that detects Helicobacter pylori bacteria with a 98% accuracy level. The new device is easier to use and relies on Russian-produced components. How does it work? Learn from this article.


  • ITMO Students Develop Smart Armband for Monitoring Hospital Patients

    Medsled, a team from ITMO University, has developed a concept of a smart armband for monitoring the condition of hospital patients. Unlike its competitors, the new solution doesn’t have a screen and can transport data directly into a medical information system. The concept won the Smart Medical Technologies hackathon held by the university at the recent St. Petersburg International Health Forum. Read on to learn more about this and other solutions developed by ITMO students, including a fundus camera, a portable electromyograph, and another smart armband.


  • Neural Networks Specialist: Machine Learning Models Can Fail And Here Is Why

    Is it true that neural networks can’t tell a gorilla from a tumor? What is prediction confidence and what do they have to do to find your car in the parking lot? And finally, why shouldn’t you trust a model’s conclusions completely? We addressed all of these questions to Natalia Khanzhina, a PhD student at ITMO’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, who developed a new method that improves the precision of the neural network that detects brain tumors in MRI scans.