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  • New ICPC Tournaments Season Kicks Off, With 31 ITMO Teams in Regional Top-100

    The new season of ICPC, the oldest and the most prestigious international programming competition, has recently kicked off. This year, for the first time ever, the competition in the Northwestern Federal District of Russia, which ITMO University competes in, started with a qualification round. An ITMO.NEWS correspondent visited the competition site to find out more about the qualification process and who made it to the next round.


  • ITMO Scientist Mingzhao Song: Each Time My Phone Runs out of Battery, I Realize That I Have to Work Harder

    ITMO University’s PhD researcher Mingzhao Song, one of the authors of the “smart table” technology that allows to charge electronic devices with no cords and plugs needed, will defend his thesis on September 13. He spoke about his predictions for the future of wireless power transfer, what differentiates research in China from that in Russia, and why he is so fascinated by Peter the Great’s imagination in an interview with ITMO.NEWS. 


  • ITMO University and Huawei Discuss Advancement of Scientific Cooperation and Joint Development of Startups

    For several years now, ITMO University and the company Huawei have been cooperating on scientific research and organization of internships for the university’s staff and students. However, the partners see opportunities for expanding this cooperation in a number of fields, including the training of talents, support of ITMO University’s research, development of startups and integration of technologies created at the university into the company’s products. The administration of ITMO has recently met with the representatives of the company to discuss these promising prospects. 


  • Internship at Huawei: 5G Networks and Robots in Hotels

    Ten students of ITMO University’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies and St. Petersburg State University went to China to take part in a two-week internship at the Huawei company. Apart from getting an insight into modern telecommunication systems, they learned about various configuration devices and the future of 5G communication network systems. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, participants Mikhail Galperin, Ksenia Pyagai, Polina Merkulova and Oleg Yurgenson share about their experiences.


  • Datathon on Texts Annotation: How Programmers and Humanities Specialists Analyze Texts

    This past weekend, ITMO University held the first ever datathon on texts annotation. Over 80 participants from different fields, from programming to humanities, competed to solve the tasks on the linguistic annotation of historical and culturological sources. The datathon came hand in hand with an extensive educational program presented by educators of the seminar on natural language processing organized by ITMO together with Huawei. In their presentations, they focused on topical tasks of the applied artificial intelligence and modern trends in the field of natural language processing. Here’s more about the datathon.


  • Internships at Huawei: ITMO Students Share

    How to get experience at a major company during your second Bachelor's year, find a great internship and meet your future employer in advance? You can get answers to these questions as well as help in writing a good resume at ITMO Career Center. The Center collaborates with leading Russian and international companies. Among them is the Huawei company where about 20 ITMO students and graduates work. Some of them shared their experience and advice.


  • ITMO Programmers Win Huawei Honor Cup

    ITMO students from the Computer Technology Department - Stanislav Naumov, Alexei  Latyshev and Nikolai Budin - became winners of the competition’s new Codecraft category. This year, more than 4,000 students took part in the annual All-Russian event organized by the Huawei company. The teams had to pass two qualification rounds and solve three optimization tasks in eight hours during the final stage.