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  • ITMO Master’s Student Creates Software to Settle Controversial Moments in Hockey

    Dmitry Kukin, a Master’s student from ITMO’s program in Multimedia Technologies, Design and Usability, works at INTV, a company specializing in developing software and TV equipment for recording and broadcasting of sports events, as well as the graphics side of livestreams and stadium screens. As an employee of the company, Dmitry has been working on a project called Meteora-Referee, which will function as a video goal system. ITMO.NEWS asked Dmitry about the project and the current stage of its development. 


  • ITMO University Graduate On Working in Public Service and Studies at ITMO

    Elena Senicheva entered ITMO University’s Department of State Information Systems Management thanks to the victory in the Prof-IT Russian regional competition, organized by the E-Government Center. In this competition, local and regional authorities from all over Russia present their IT projects focusing on innovations and IT solutions that can benefit the development of various sectors of the Russian economy. The competition’s winners get a chance to study at ITMO University. Before joining ITMO as a Master’s student, Elena worked for 13 years at the Department of Land and Property Relations in Rostov-on-Don, and after that, she left the public service to work in a commercial company. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Elena shares about her university days and how studying at ITMO University changed her life.