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  • ITMO Students Share Their Experiences with School Students as University Ambassadors

    When choosing their future universities, school students turn to their parents and friends for advice, attend open days, reach out to admissions committees, read reviews, and find students of their desired universities on social media. But what if university representatives came to schools? At ITMO, Bachelor’s students got to become the university’s ambassadors: they visited their schools in 39 Russian regions to share their experiences and offer advice for the admissions process to current final year school students. Read on to find out what our students have to say about these meetings and how they can benefit future applicants.


  • ITMO Students and Their Teachers Awarded St. Tatiana Badges of Honor

    On January 25, also known as Russian Students Day, the Smolny Cathedral hosted a celebratory ceremony, during which the members of the local student, academic, youth, and social community were awarded St. Tatiana badges of honor for their contributions to the society in St. Petersburg.


  • International Student's Handbook: Student Slang at ITMO University

    Maga? Preza? Decode ITMO student lingo with our concise dictionary of slang words you might hear on-campus.


  • You Are a Student in St. Pete! What Happens Next?

    Every year, ITMO and other universities in St. Petersburg welcome students from all over Russia and beyond. How can a fresher settle in and make new friends in a new city? Who can they reach out to if they have questions about their studies? And what are the best ways to save money as a student? To address all these and many other questions, ITMO University released a complete starter pack for first-year students feat. Tambi Masaev, a celebrated comedian and a resident of the Russian show Что было дальше? (What Happened Next?).


  • ITMO Student Experiences: Starting a Career in Video Production and Shooting Videos for Celebrities

    Having a passion for making videos since school, Iskander Garipov, a fourth-year student of the  Bachelor’s program Computer Technologies in Design, is proud to have a diverse portfolio full of short films, reports, ads, and even concert recordings (with Russian bands Три дня дождя and Шары). After he took part in online courses at Prostor, VK’s creative platform, he was asked to produce the music video Птичка (Bird – Ed.) for famous Russian rap performers HammAli & Navai, which reached 800,000 views in three weeks. In this article, Iskander Garipov speaks about how to get into the field and what hard and soft skills video makers need to have.


  • PhD Student Anna Baldina: You Get to Feel 100% Fulfilled and Happy at ITMO

    Having entered ITMO as a Master’s student, Anna Baldina started doing research from the get-go. During her studies here, she developed the concepts and curricula for two Master’s and one Bachelor’s program. Moreover, she was part of the team behind the university’s new major research unit, the Infochemistry Scientific Center. Since then, Anna has had the chance to work in the industry and opted to return to ITMO to continue with her studies and research career, fulfilling her childhood dream of being paid to study. Why did she choose science over industry? And what career prospects does she see at ITMO? Find the answers in this ITMO.NEWS interview.


  • Figure Skater and ITMO Student Petr Gumennik Wins Silver at Russian National Championship

    Russian figure skater Petr Gumennik, a first-year student at ITMO’s Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems, has come second to Evgeni Semenenko in the 2023 Russian Figure Skating Championships, scoring 295.07 points.


  • More Than Studies: ITMO Student Bucket List

    Being a student is much more than spending sleepless nights preparing for exams, it’s also (and mostly) about having fun and gaining new experiences. Whether you have four, two, or all six years of studies at ITMO yet to experience, take advantage of our list of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to grasp.


  • ITMO Student Wins National ArtMasters Competition

    ArtMasters is a specialized competition that aims to discover and support professionals in creative industries. Among the event’s partners are leading Russian cultural institutions, ministries, and media companies. This year, Daniil Zuyev, a Bachelor’s student in computer technologies in design, won in the category Virtual Worlds Design, receiving half a million rubles in grant money and landing an internship at the virtual technologies department of Ostankino Television Technical Center. We asked Daniil about the world he created for the contest and the benefits of competing in such tournaments.


  • Two ITMO Students Among Winners of the First Scholarship Program by Tinkoff

    This year Tinkoff company launched the first scholarship program for promising students of Russian universities. Out of 14,000 applicants, only 80 became winners. Among them are two ITMO students – Konstantin Baltsat and Gleb Demin from the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies. We talked to them and found out what helped them succeed.