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  • ITMO.KIDS: A Technopark for Children

    January 17 is Kid Inventors’ Day. Every year, over 500 thousand children invent gadgets and games, construct and modify various robots and machines. ITMO’s technopark for children ITMO.KIDS is a place where a child can do that. It is a site where children can acquaint themselves with real professions, find a field to their liking, and even try their hand at business. ITMO.NEWS talked to the technopark’s head Aleksey Schekoldin about what does one start their project with if they have just started school, and what’s the point for schoolchildren to participate in startup contests. 


  • Five Simple DIY Devices

    In the spirit of the Kid Inventors’ Day celebrated all over the world on January 17, we at ITMO.NEWS have joined our forces with the ITMO.KIDS Technopark for Children to present five devices that are easy to do at home. All of them have different uses, from doing household chores to playing games or just being very  instagrammable . A hydraulic powered robotic arm, a smart pet feeder, and an air balloon able to pull off a launch into the stratosphere: read on and start creating!


  • New Semester At The Children's University

    It is the start of the spring semester of the Children's University - an educational project for primary and secondary school students. Up until the mid-May, lecturers from leading educational establishments, including ITMO University, will train its participants on a weekly basis. Some of the educators who have already tried themselves as lecturers for the project shared about how it helps get children involved in science.


  • ITMO.KIDS Technopark Gives Children a Glimpse of Future

    ITMO.KIDS - a technopark for children where they can learn about the professions of the future in a game format - has been recently opened at ITMO University. School students of any age will now have an opportunity to engage in robotics, game development and animation, bioinformatics, optics, natural sciences and entrepreneurship on a tuition-free basis. Following the first session, dedicated to robotics and circuitry engineering, Alexei Schekoldin, head of ITMO.KIDS, expanded on this new educational project.