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  • Startups by ITMO Students Win 1 Million Rubles in Funding

    Projects by eleven ITMO students were named best in a student startup contest held by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises, with each of the projects being supported by a 1 million ruble grant to see it to fruition. Read on to learn more about these star ideas.


  • Foods for Longevity and Green Living: BioTech Today

    How do innovative foods extend the human lifespan and improve our quality of life? What kinds of projects in this field are ITMO scientists working on right now? These and other subjects were covered at the Ecology & Biotechnology session of the 51st International Scientific, Educational, and Methodological Conference at ITMO University. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the session’s participants to find out more about their projects and discover which subjects of Food- and BioTech will gain in relevance in the near future.


  • ITMO Rector Vladimir Vasilyev: A Well-Set Target Guarantees Success

    Today, on October 25, the 19th national forum Strategic Planning of the Regions and Cities of Russia began with a plenary session titled Strategic Talk: Rectors on the Future. ITMO University’s Rector Vladimir Vasilyev shared the strategies universities must focus on and what ITMO does to achieve sustainable development goals.


  • ITMO Launches IP Exchange Center

    ITMO University has launched IP Exchange – an accelerator that will help obtain patents and protect intellectual property rights. The projects that request the Center’s help will be supervised by Master’s students from the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. ITMO Launches IP Exchange Center


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Among Top Ten Innovative Companies in Education

    A contest to identify the top ten innovative companies in education was organized by Business Priority, the innovation platform of the Roscongress Foundation, with the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, the Ministry of Education, and the Agency of Strategic Initiatives. The winning projects were presented at SPIEF 2021. Among them was a project by NT-SPb, a company that’s been based at ITMO’s Technopark for over ten years creating nanolaboratories for schools. 


  • Powerplace Founders On Their Quick-Charge Module And Future Of Power Distribution

    The startup’s smart module for charging stations can recharge electric cars and scooters several times faster than a regular line supply. Meanwhile, the module’s software offers protection in cases of emergency and an overall increase in the charger’s efficiency.  


  • ITMO Graduate Andrey Nikolaev on Patent Landscape and His Career in Academia and Industry

    Andrey Nikolaev graduated from ITMO University with a Specialist’s degree in Customs Affairs and then a PhD in Economics and Management. His goal was to become a professor and researcher in the field of intellectual property.


  • From Science Lab to Real Business: New School of Technology Brokership at ITMO University

    Last week, it was the start of the new School of Technology Brokership at ITMO University. Read about who technology brokers are, which tasks they focus on, and about the opportunities offered to the school’s participants.


  • ITMO University Hosts Virtual Smart-Up Camp 'Innovations for Smart Cities in BSR'

    The event took place as part of a project that aims to facilitate the development of the Baltic region in four fields: smart city, circular economy, climate change, and aging.


  • ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies Launches a Contest for the Best Model of Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

    The fate of an innovative invention famously depends not only on the talent and abilities of its creators. For a new technology to get traction on the market, it has to be promoted in the right way – and this is the task for managers, not inventors. Recently, ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies has launched a contest for the development of a commercialization program for its products and services. Applications are accepted until the end of May, and everyone can submit theirs – winners are to get money prizes and collaboration offers.