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  • ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies Launches a Contest for the Best Model of Commercialization of Innovative Technologies

    The fate of an innovative invention famously depends not only on the talent and abilities of its creators. For a new technology to get traction on the market, it has to be promoted in the right way – and this is the task for managers, not inventors. Recently, ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies has launched a contest for the development of a commercialization program for its products and services. Applications are accepted until the end of May, and everyone can submit theirs – winners are to get money prizes and collaboration offers. 


  • Flu Vaccine and Lung Cancer Medication Developed by ITMO Technopark’s Resident Awarded Gold Medals at the iENA 2019 Exhibition in Germany

    The company ATG Service Gene, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, was awarded two gold medals at the international exhibition of ideas, inventions and innovations iENA 2019 that recently concluded in the German city of Nuremberg. Recognized were two inventions by the St. Petersburg scientists – an innovative flu vaccine and a medication that can help in combating lung cancer. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the company’s Director for Science Ilya Dukhovlinov to find out more about the award-winning drugs.


  • ITMO Researchers’ Project Named Top Innovative Product by St. Petersburg Committee for Science and Higher Education

    A project by ITMO University’s SCAMT Industrial Lab has been named the winner of the 2019 St. Petersburg Competition of Best Innovative Projects in Science and Higher Education. The awards ceremony took place as part of the 12th St. Petersburg International Innovation Forum. The winning project, First Aid, is an innovative treatment for post-surgery scarring, stretch marks, cuts, and burns for patients of all ages. The project is being developed by the Master’s and PhD students of ITMO’s ChemBio Cluster. Olga Sokolovskaya, the head of the project, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about this invention, results of the team’s research, and their future plans.


  • Quests, Gamification and Simulators: ITMO Graduate Maksim Ivanov on New Education Formats

    ITMO alum Maksim Ivanov graduated with not one but two majors. His Specialist major focused on the field of information security, while his Master’s one was in “Technological Entrepreneurship and Development of Innovations”. Now, Maksim cooperates with his alma mater, creating unique educational projects from student courses to professional development programs for ITMO partners. In parallel, he runs commercial projects as part of his own business. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Maksim Ivanov shares how he, a former Mister ITMO and student of the university’s Military Department, found his calling in the creation of educational programs.


  • Education Goes Digital: Results of ITMO DigiEduHack

    On October 3-4, ITMO University hosted ITMO DigiEduHack, a hackathon on digital education organized as part of the European Commission’s major initiative. The event brought together dozens of teams from the UK, Italy, Finland and other countries that collaborated on projects in the field of digital education. ITMO University became the only hackathon’s venue in Russia. The competition in St. Petersburg gathered over 100 participants: students, lecturers, university graduates, school children and professional programmers.


  • An Invention in 100 Days for 10 Million People: ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering Launches a 10-Year Anniversary Contest

    ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering is launching Simple Innovations, a contest for young entrepreneurs. It’s open for participation to any beginning engineer, school or university student living in St. Petersburg and the Leningrad District. ITMO.NEWS explains all about what kind of applications the contest’s organizers are after, why it’s being launched in the first place and what prize awaits the lucky winners.


  • Leading Experts Discuss Advances in MRI Research at BioMETANANO

    Modern nanophotonics is seeing an increase in studies with applications in medicine and healthcare. One of the most promising and relevant are the works on improving the magnetic resonance imaging process; hundreds of scientists all over the world are working to make it possible. To that end, the fourth METANANO conference that was recently held in St. Petersburg included a separate section, BioMETANANO, which served as a platform on which Russian and international experts discussed progress in MRI studies. 


  • Recognize Me If You Can: Can Facial Recognition Systems Really Tell How We Feel?

    Facial recognition systems are becoming more and more widespread in different fields. According to a forecast by MarketsandMarkets, the associated market will have grown up to seven billion dollars by 2024. There is a lot of news in the media reporting that this technology helps catch criminals, define whether shops’ customers are satisfied, and even play the music they like. However, some research indicates that AI still experiences problems with recognizing people’s real emotions.


  • CEO of ITMO Technopark Resident NTC Pribor Talks Metallurgy and Entrepreneurship

    NTC Pribor, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, has spent almost twenty years working with major production plants and supplying them with cutting-edge equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. The company’s machine vision systems are currently being installed at a major PAO Severstal facility. The company’s CEO, Alexander Chernopolsky, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his company’s latest developments and the rules of survival in the Russian steel industry.


  • ITMO Scientists’ Research at Sino-Russian Symposium at Harbin Institute of Technology

    On December 21-23, the Harbin Institute of Technology (China) hosted the third Sino-Russian Symposium on Food Technologies and Equipment. ITMO University representatives participated in the event and presented the results of their latest research in the field of nonconventional raw materials and functional foods.