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  • Travelers, Bikers, and Fashionistas: ITMO's 2024 Calendar Makes Science Cool

    ITMO wouldn’t be ITMO if we didn’t do something extraordinary to mark the end of the year. This time, the university tells 12 stories of science heroes from a different angle: you will learn about not only their work, but also their hobbies, values, and dreams. You will find the looks and stories of scientists, entrepreneurs, and science artists in a calendar called The Big Style Theory.


  • Telegram Channels We Love

    If you’ve just made the jump to Telegram, there’s a whole unexplored world of fun, useful, or educational channels to follow. Here are some of our team’s top picks: from everyday inspiration and learning opportunities to entertainment guides and virtual assistants.


  • Pocket Museum: Must-Have Apps for Art Lovers

    In the golden age of tech innovation, you no longer need to study for a lifetime to become an art connoisseur. There is now an app for almost everything, art included. From the treasures of the Louvre in your pocket to the so-called “Shazam of art,” here are our top apps to bring more art into your life.


  • Speed, Drive and Transformation: ITMO's Daria Kozlova on Inspiration for 2021

    University as a point of attraction, a place that brings together talented people and supports the most daring ideas. An institution that’s rooted in academic traditions but is agile and holistic and always going after the impossible. Fast. That’s the vision that has guided ITMO University’s First Vice Rector Daria Kozlova as ITMO has grown from a strictly technical school to a world-class institution with thousands of students from around the world. We caught up with Daria to talk about what keeps her fired up, and what’s happening at ITMO in 2021. 


  • Speaking from Experience: Inspiration from ITMO’s International Students

    It's a new year, which comes with new academic and personal aspirations! We put together some pointers on living and studying in Russia from international students and instructors at ITMO University. They talk about embracing challenges and pursuing your dreams!


  • Almost 7 Movies To Get You Studying

    Starting a new school year, no matter how much anticipated, can be both exciting and overwhelming. How about getting into the groove of things with movies that take you on a wild ride of school life? Here are our top picks.


  • Healthy Living: Instagram Accounts for Vegan/Eco Inspiration

    Instagram can be compared to a very hectic flea market sometimes, with its disorientating abundance of colorful stalls, shouting people and a huge no-go trash area. (Twitter, on the other hand, is more like a fancy social club for wordly-wise wits and raconteurs, with a rampageous madhouse on its ground floor.) But as any flea market, it’s also peppered with little gems finding which makes the whole kerfuffle a little bit more tolerable. So here are some of our picks of Instagram accounts for vegan and green living inspiration!