The Big Style Theory is a sneak peek into the lives of the minds behind ITMO’s scientific breakthroughs, applied solutions, blooming startups, and science art shows. We’re used to thinking that science is hard, boring, and not for everyone. Sure, it might be true that not everyone is destined to become a scientist – but ITMO has now proved the rest of this statement wrong. 

ITMO scientists, students, lecturers, and graduates travel, excel at sports, dance, make jokes, and love fashion and cooking. And apart from all that, they make our lives better! They develop new medicines, create novel industrial engineering solutions, and run million-ruble companies.  All of them are united by their curiosity and desire to understand complex things. What’s more, they are proof that science is beautiful and chic. 

We’ve put their stories together in one calendar so that everyone can find plenty of inspiration for the year ahead. The calendar has also been turned into cool free wallpapers for any device, now available for download.