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  • Discovering Barcelona: Part 3

    In Parts 1 and 2, we learned how Mikael, a third-year ITMO student, set out on his exchange semester in Pompeu Fabra University (UPF), reaching it despite any challenges along the way. Mikael also offered his recommendations on short trips and tours of the city. In this final installment of the series, we discover his must-see places in Barcelona, as well as tips for future exchange students.


  • Discovering Barcelona: Part 1

    Hi, my name is Mikhael and I am a third-year student at ITMO University. Six months after my return from academic exchange in Barcelona, the memories are still vivid and alive. Academic exchange is a unique opportunity to try to get a feel of education in another country and get acquainted with its traditions. However, I don’t want to write this article as a typical success story, there’s enough of it on the web. I will try, in addition to cultural features, to focus on some of the difficulties that I had to face so that future students would be a little more prepared. Let’s go!


  • My Experience As a Speaker At a Seminar At Kharazmi University, Iran

    On this occasion, I was invited by Kharazmi University, Iran to participate in a seminar called The Consumer Experience as an Innovative Strategy for Startupers. To fund my trip, I sent an application to ITMO University's Academic Mobility Support Office and obtained a 70% reimbursement of my expenses. You can read more about the opportunity here.


  • My Experience as a Guest Lecturer and Speaker in Different Countries

    As a student of the Innovation Entrepreneurship Master's program at ITMO University, I was presented with various opportunities to cooperate with various universities.


  • ITMO’s Buddy System

    The Buddy System is a dedicated project of ITMO within the ITMO.STUDENTS club system to help international students settle down in a foreign country, interact with local students, and provide support with the dormitory move-in, medical checkups and all the other necessary administrative procedures. A buddy is like your first friend in Russia who helps you with adjusting to campus life, making new friends, and building relationships with people who can help you navigate your academic and social experiences.


  • Physical Education Around the World

    As a Russian student I can confirm that PE classes in our schools are considered optional by kids. Fake notes from the doctor, absence at the lessons, and "I forgot my uniform" are very common excuses. What about the rest of the world?