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  • Expert Mona Khalil on Cross-Cultural Awareness, Communication, and Understanding Cultures Through Food

    Cross-cultural studies expert Mona Abdel Malik Khalil has earned her PhD at the Moscow State Institute of International Relations and is the author of numerous scientific articles that focus on culture and communication between Russia and Egypt. She had just finished delivering the course Internationalization of Research at ITMO University when a writer for ITMO.NEWS got the chance to ask her about the popularization of the term cross-cultural and the growing need to understand different cultures, as well as our own. 


  • ITMO University in 2018: A Year in Review

    It’s been a long, eventful year; let’s take a look back at the events, names, and ideas that defined 2018 for ITMO University.  


  • Clarivate Analytics Expert Shares International Academic Collaboration Insights

    Collaborations with leading scientists and co-authorship of scientific works are a major goal on the Russian universities’ path to rising higher in international rankings. For instance, the presence of highly-cited researchers, along with Nobel and Fields laureates, is one of the assessment criteria in the Shanghai University Ranking (ARWU), in which ITMO University debuted this year. Pavel Kasyanov, a scientometrics expert at Clarivate Analytics (the current owner of Web of Science), came to ITMO’s SCAMT international laboratory to discuss how Web of Science can help find new partners, the importance of citations and more; we provide the highlights.


  • ITMO U Takes Second Place in Digital Internationalization

    While QS-Apple creative awards acknowledged ITMO University with a Bronze prize for the Best International Website page back in 2016, here in Russia, the internationalization efforts of the university on the web are receiving focus from the Russian International Affairs Council who placed ITMO second in terms of digital internationalization.   


  • Here's How ITMO's New Academic Degree System Will Work

    Last year, 19 universities and 4 scientific organizations in Russia were given the right to grant their own academic degrees, form thesis boards and outline their credentials. According to representatives of those universities that have already started this process, it will help Russian universities better integrate into the international community. At the same time, experts agree: more abilities means more responsibility. Maria Skvortsova, head of ITMO’s Office of International Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies, and Stanislav Reznikov, head of the Thesis Board Office, talk to ITMO.NEWS about how this change makes international partnerships easier, how the university plans to ensure a high quality of thesis defense and ITMO’s current efforts to establish this new system.


  • THE World University Rankings 2017−2018: Results

    Times Higher Education has published the results of its World University Rankings 2017−2018 (THE WUR 2018). 18 Russian universities have been named among the world's top-100 educational institutions; ITMO University took the 501-600 position. In comparison with last year, it has succeeded in improving its International Outlook indicator, which reflects the increase in the number of international lecturers and students, as well as the number of papers written in collaboration with foreign researchers.


  • Show, Don't Tell: ITMO.SHOW Provides Access to All ITMO Presentations

    ITMO University has launched the ITMO.SHOW Presentations Cloud – a useful online tool that provides access to all of the presentations used by the university staff to present its programs and features. Presentations on ITMO’s five schools, introductory presentations for Russian and international audiences, roadmap presentations for Project 5-100’s International Council – all this and more can be found at ITMO.SHOW. 


  • French Master's Student on Coming to Russia and Differences from France

    Nicolas Jacquier, a Master’s student at the engineering school ESIEE Paris, has been working on an individual project for 2 months already as part of his internship at ITMO University. He is only staying for three months in total in St. Petersburg where he will work on Big Data visualization. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS, he spoke to us about why Europeans feel right at home in the city, the friendly relationships between professors and students, the pros and cons of writing a Master’s thesis and which European capital the city of St. Petersburg resembles the most.


  • What is EMI? Tips and Tools

    These days many educational programs in universities are offered in English and ITMO University is no exception to this trend. The university’s Foreign Language Training Center has organized a series of workshops on English Medium Instruction (EMI). On June 21, the Center’s tutors Maryam Reyhani and Aleksandra Shparberg spoke about EMI, what makes it different from teaching students in their first language (L1) and how one should teach students whose mother tongue is not English.


  • ITMO International Days: Best Practices

    Recently, the third session of ITMO International Days came to a close. During the event, students got the chance to learn of the opportunities presented by academic mobility programs, as well as meet representatives of different foreign universities. The last day's topics included ITMO’s best practices for attracting students from all over the world and supporting them during their time of study at the university.